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Was invited to the Carefree Queen Grand Finale at Crown Plaza Hotel.

I blogged about the contest awhile ago, and all of you who have voted, you might wanna read on to see if your favorite girl won the Carefree Queen title!!



I don’t think i have ever been to a pinker event.

The backdrop is hot pink, balloons are in girly shades of pink, and almost everyone who turned up wore pink (including guys!!!)


Gorgeous host Fara Fauzana from Hot FM.


Panel of judges.


And the finalists’ supporters!


So sweet!


It’s really nice to have an entire entourage here to cheer for you.


A Carefree girl in pink tutu so cute!

And presenting to you… the Top 10 finalists!


You guys can visit the Carefree Queen website to look at their contesting videos.

So this who contest is not just about the video. But how you perform on stage, the level of confidence you have, and most importantly, how spontaneous you can be on stage.

The few girls who particularly caught my eyes are:



This girl just just BOLD. Her hair color speaks daring, and she’s simply confident to the max. I featured her video in my previous Carefree entry, the one about her being stalked in a mall and proceeds to have an impromptu photoshoot at a corridor in a shopping mall—with her stalkers. lol.



She was the tallest and she was really quick during the Charade session and scored the highest mark!



This girl was really good at expressing herself and has a strong presence on stage.



She was my favorite.

I don’t know why i didn’t come across her video earlier, because it was BRILLIANT.

I really loved the video and i thought it is so professionally done it looks like an international star’s MTV.


I really liked the song too.


During the “Spontaneity” session, she picked the “Photoshoot” card, and she straightaway got the camera man in front of her and started posing for two whole minutes. I thought she was really excellent!



Your 10 finalists!

Who would be Malaysia’s first Carefree Queen?


Consolation prize winner


Another one.


And then it was down to the top two: Sheela and Linda.

(Why they look so happy one!)


And the winner is





Watch the result!






Honestly i didn’t watch her final performance (i think i was busy nomming my dinner, too hungry). And i would have preferred Linda to win, but i guess in the end it was still the judges who count!

She won a total of RM5,ooo, a mini latop, a gold pendant worth RM1,500 and a year supply of carefree products.

Anyway, i thought everyone did a fantastic job. During the first session everyone was a bit shy and quiet, but in the end they danced together and they really looked like they enjoyed themselves!

Congratulations to all the finalists!

This event is brought to you by Carefree.

You can go to the website for more info on Carefree Queen. ^^