Cookies and Cream ♥ Otaru

December 24, 2009 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Hokkaido / Japan

Went to Otaru today.

The snow a bit dirty on the road, but it looks like Oreo Cookies and Cream <3.



I was almost tempted to steal one for my deco. I have been blinging so much i could tell what grade the crystals are what turf.


It’s a wishing tree.


I wish…




SUPER SNOW today so cold wanna die T_T



And this is for those of you who missed out this homestay




Now go kick yourself.

79 responses to “Cookies and Cream ♥ Otaru”

  1. yumii says:

    OMFG!! crabbb!!!!!! T_____T i’m kicking self nao!!! T___T btw, the contacts suit you and the weather very much!!

    I wish for you wish to come true in this wonderful Christmas. =D Enjoy your white xmas!! 😉

  2. Reiko says:

    LOL! Cookies & Cream! Hahahaha~ Funneh!!! XD

    The wishing tree is beautiful… If you steal the crystal, that means you steal somebody’s wish too right? LOL!

    OMG!!!! So huge!!!! O_O”””””

  3. HeyEstelle says:

    Spider crab! Sashimi puh-lease 😛

  4. Tey Cindy says:

    OMG the CRAB! No need me to kick myself; ask the CRAB kick me PLS! hahahaha~

  5. bublyvene says:

    i supposed to be there with you right now…arrrgghhh…..but it’s alright~ our ‘annual-holi’ is coming soon~ 😛

  6. melody says:

    happy happy happy we have another post!!!!
    thank you tonz!!!!!
    you are getting gorgeous-er and gorgeous-er!!!!!!!!!!!
    super love pic #5!!!!!!
    super duper gorgeousssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!

  7. Hui Yi says:

    wao.. the wishing tree so nice… somemore got crystal. I like it.

  8. David says:


    Pic #4 is so kawaii!

    You are lovely in the snow, great eye look for winter!

    Enjoy the holiday and remainder or your holiyear!

    Merry Christmas!


    • Misa says:

      i never say anything to anybody, and keep quiet but i am tired of seeing your flirtatious comments.
      I am not speaking for Cheesie, but I KNOW there are other people on this blog, who feel the same way I do, but never say anything.

      From what I see, you have commented you are in your late 50’s, so please tell me what you are doing on a 25 year old woman’s blog?

      I am sorry, but you sound perverted when you comment she has the “sexiest legs” and use provocative words like “hot”. I am pretty sure I have also seen you comment on Suet Li’s and Audrey’s blog also.

      From what I also understand, you have a wife. I highly doubt she knows you go on 20-something year old woman’s blogs to comment and “compliment” them, and you take time out of your day to ask for translation and look up things mentioned that they wrote.

      Once again, this is just how I feel, and even though it is NOT my place, as a woman, I know I would be most offended if my significant other were to act this way in their twenties, less alone their fifties.

      Just something for you to ponder on, compliments are nice, but extremities go past the line of “compliment”.

    • Chriso says:

      David, I just wanna say pay no heed to random outbursts cause sometimes the author (of the comment) herself may find it difficult to understand why this is so, and hence, people don’t like it when they cannot comprehend certain things.

      Well I do understand and i just wanna say do continue to be a great supporter, even I wish to have readers looking forward to my blog posts every time 😀

  9. Yenzie says:

    Love the wishing tree shots.. beautiful~~ XD
    Hope u enjoy your snowy Christmas and the delicious crab 😉

  10. joey says:

    Love the eye makeup and falsies.

    I think it’d be better without the lower eye mascara though, it looks messy ><

  11. raiz says:

    The crab is freaking huge….best serves as sashime… 😈

  12. onefourever says:

    Taraba Gani!!!

  13. Penguin says:

    Kicking myself out… 😥

  14. JD says:

    Wah Hokkaido Snow Crab! 😈 Haih, save up money!

  15. yvo says:

    yay merry christmas ringo! 😀

  16. JD says:

    Oops, I mean time for me to save up money :dunno:

  17. lolla says:


  18. kikaa says:

    😯 i wan that crab!! lol. 😳

  19. KY says:

    JELES! but nemai i can has party!

  20. steph says:

    LOL the last pic. nice one cheesie 😉

  21. Pinkish says:

    Aww, you look cute with the 2 pony tails.. I could never achieve that look. I’ll just look like some 5 year old kid ><

  22. mopiko21 says:

    very very pretty pictures esp #4!

  23. Lisa Cheah says:

    I go out today and take pictures of decorations too! 😛
    I want to see more Japan pictures!

  24. will2k says:

    you should go to otaru canal to have a look at night

  25. cely says:

    That gucci bag caught my attention. Nice bag!

  26. Spring says:

    You’re so pretty! =D
    and I’ve noticed you have very nice lens too, I wonder where you get them from?

  27. Ivy says:

    *kicked til sprawled on the floor* let me die bah. i’m staying at home grow mushrooms ni!

  28. bear says:

    ….im kicking myself VERY hard now
    WTomgH !i just missed this so i can effin do my ‘work’ and go for a sucky CF
    NEVER choosing this over CF again.(depending on situation)

  29. vonblue says:

    crap, its crab!!!!!>.<

  30. curiosity says:

    cheesie , why are you so rich one ? every month go holid ! money nv run out meh ? from whr earn .___. !! 😯

  31. jk says:

    Merry Christmas to you!!!

    May you be blessed with much joy,love and good health!!

    p/s all your pics very nice and i really like pic #4. 😈

  32. asada says:

    hahah rin!
    i hope you manzoku shita!
    i love crabs~~~!!

  33. Ping says:

    i had an arse hardtime eating the crab >.< but it was so fun fun!

  34. Felli says:

    Hello,I notice you own a very great make up skill and you look totally fabulous with it.
    But out of my curiosity,i want to ask, wouldn’t it does damage to your skin for such constant make ups?
    Even with a complete make up removing still, it dries up the skin,causing wrinkles at older age and the lipsticks and gloss takes away the original lip red.
    Pretty scary though.

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