I am so. in love with Sapporo.

It’s so amazingly beautiful and everyone here is so nice.

My host parents are wonderful and i’m extremely touched. How can anyone be so nice to a stranger in their house?

Joining a homestay really makes one realize how we have always take things for granted and how we have forgotten the pure kindness and good will in people. It makes you wanna be a nicer person. Be less nasty to people/animals, be less bitchy, throw less rubbish etc what turf.

I feel so grateful.


Was snowing but extremely warm today (was about -1 C but i think i’m getting used to it).

Bought the pink hair bow for 100ten WTF  i love Hyakuyen Shop to the max!!!


Whiteness around. The snow is soft and velvety.


Frozen drain.


Still wanna be slutty wear torn jeans what turf.


Bought this cute cigarette case for my Creamcake cam!!! Happy!

Going to Otaru tomorrow. Please come back for more updates ok. New entries will be posted below the ad. ^^

Also, i got more Cheat One make up so stay cheesed.