I Love You Pets magazine, December issue 2009 (nao only come out).


Cover page







WTF so many pages!!! Cheddie damn glam ok lol.

But there were at least 20 typos of “Chessie” and “Cheedie” FOL. T_____T

Apparently you can buy it from dunno which bookstores and even some pet shops!

Anyway the interview was done a few months ago, before i got Koyuki so it might sound a little incoherent.



Some other pictures i like from the shoot which were not published:


She looks happy here! Like i said it was sooooooo hard to make her look cheerful because the environment a bit stressful for her because of so many new people and she was expected to do something extravaganza lol.

So i had to chase her around to make sure she show her tongue FHL.


Behind the scene:


Cheddie bored.


Doing my hair


Doin Cheddie’s hair lol




Interview while eating zhap fan tapao

First time having such major spread in a magazine. Really didn’t expect myself to appear on a pet mag O.o.

Credits to Blivene’s Talents who arranged this interview for me.




Xpax Bigfreekinsale

I’m so glad that my BB survived the monkey attack!

Even though the front cover was damaged it is still functioning perfectly.

Was really happy to find out about the now i can save more money on my BB plan, because Xpax is now having a big freekin sale!! And it’s really quite big!

You see i pay RM2.50 everyday for my BB plan (although i say i pay everyday, but in actually fact i don’t really have to, you know, pay, literally, everyday, because i just need to subscribe one time and Xpax will do the auto renewal at 12:00AM daily so means all you need to do is to make sure there’s enough credit!!!), and if i use for a month everyday non-stop it would be RM75! Which is really cheap in my opinion!


From 11-Jan to 31-Marc, if you subscribed your Xpax BB plan for 5 consecutive weekday (meaning you don’t do anything for 5 days), and you get to enjoy weekday subscription for free! Awesome!! That’s RM5 off every week. And in a month, you will save RM20. That means your Xpax BB plan will only be RM50 omg awesomesauce max!


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