It cannot be any more literal than that.

(taken with my awesome Blackberry’s crap camera.)

When i saw this shit, i literally squealed with joy, and pacing back and forth hysterically looking for the doctor. And i was shouting “Doctor doctor, come see this shit!!!!!!!”

Then the cleaner came and wanted to dispose the pile of turd, i was so protective of the shit i almost said, NO, DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY SHIT.

I then quickly took out my BB and snapped a picture for sweet memory and also proof (just in case the doctor say i Cheat One™).

She was hospitalized for 10 (Ten, sepuluh, shi, sap, jyu) bloody worrying days having bloody diarrhea and vomit. And this shit, this piece of gold shit, means the world to the both of us. It means she can come home.

Sorry, i can’t resist this again.

That, was the most beautiful shit i have ever seen in my entire life.

I have never thought that i would be so excited over a piece of crap. Maybe i should nao pursue Scatology out of interest and earn loads of money.

Here’s another one she produced back at her new toilet (netting is awesome!)

Like two little peanuts!!! SO CUTE 😀

This is #KoyukiGanasBitch. Back home. 🙂