I am actually lazy to blog, but i think everyone is afraid to come to my blog nao because i got shit pictures 🙁

Nah here’s some nicer pictures to drown the shit. ^^


My Cheddie after cutting her hair. She looks sooooooo small nao!


Taken when i was back to Seremban. <3


My mom omfg revamped my room ala the Nippon Paint style. Wtf she green come out of blue (qing chu yu lan)!!!

Got little paw prints on the walls. So bloody cute don’t you think? My mom is a cheesnius. 😀



I just looooooove it when she yawns!


One more!!

Cheddie has a mole on her tongue. A big black spot. They say dogs with spots on their tongue very fierce one. IS IT TRUE!!!!

Ok la tomorrow i blog good stuff. No more shit.




Ok post end here. Stop scrolling liao. If you scroll down summore you will see shit again.