One of the things i love about Japan is their Fukubukuro (lucky bag) during their New Year sales!

Most shops have it and for some of the more famous fashion brands, you have to book waaay in advance, or queue up overnight just to get them!


This outfit is from Shibuya 109 fashion brand Glad News’ Fukubukuro.


Appeared in Popteen Feb 2010 issue!


Got the whole set! (The holey tights too. But i didn’t wear it because it was, erm, cold max in Tokyo.)


On the 3rd of Jan, i went to Harajuku and queued for Liz Lisa’s Fukubukuro!


Featured in Popteen Feb 2010


Liz Lisa in Harajuku




There were two types of Fukubukuro. One is Princess Royal (pure white and pink)and another is Princess Boston (flower prints). When i reached there, Princess Boston was sold out completely, but there were still a lot of Princess Royal left!


A Liz Lisa girl.


I got the Princess Royal Carry pink luggage


And the white bag. (very excited so i just opened the fukubukuro on the roadside wtf).


The items inside look liddis. So white T___T


The coat and the bag.




#14 (from Popteen feb 2010)

The pink luggage and the white bag.

They are all limited ed Fukubukuro so i don’t think you can get it anywhere nao. And i hauled it all the way back from Tokyo  back to Malaysia.

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