Scare you with my pic first.



Today is 1st of January which is also the first day of Japanese New year so we went to Asakusa! 😀


Everyone fighting a spot under the lantern to camwhore lo. -_-





Fml got like 91389137 different flavor for soft cream. T_T


Went to some random udon shop and had the best ebi tempura in my life. T________T


Erm this picture is like this because when i rotate it 180 degree it doesn’t look as intriguing so i rotate it back 180 again to showcase my tasteful artistic skill what turf. You all can turn ur monitor upside down nao.


My fortune for the year o f 2010. I dunno once i see it says “GOOD” then i don’t bother to read liao. 😀


Some pork thingie picture dedicated to my #porkgang!


This is dedicated to myself. It is a Ringo Ame shop! Sell apples dipped in candy wax awesomesauce.


Hahaha i like this i want to eat the 500 Yen!!! 😛


This is, instead of apples, bananas dipped in different kind of awesomesauce.



After Asakusa we went back to Harajuku AGAIN.



This is where i bought my pink luggage case (which i sold).


Interior of Liz Lisa.


Bought a dress too ^^


So bloody excited i just squat down and opened the fukubukuro at the roadside.


And wore it on the spot lolol.


There is just one (1, satu, ichi, yat) problem.

We are gonna shop in Harajuku the whole day but i had my Liz Lisa luggage with me. HAO??? (Of course the comforting thought is that nao i have something to keep my purchases while i shop more MUAHAHAHA)

We were not gonna haul it all the way lo.

So we searched up and down in tube stations for coin lockers, but it was about 3pm and all lockers were FULL FOL. T___T

I’m sure all the lockers were full of Liz Lisa’s fukubukuro T____T.


We saw this sign that says “Coin Locker” at Takeshita Dori and it points upwards to a building. So we went up, and saw this.



A whole floor dedicated to coin lockers!

There was the 500 yen corner.


The 200 yen corner.

And the 300 yen corner.

And there was only one (satu, 1, yat, ichi) locker left.

And my Liz Lisa fits perfectly like the Cinderella’s foot wtf.


So lucky can! <3

So we went back to Harajuku street and GUESS WHAT!






I think there are a lot of stupid Koreans in Harajuku, because there’s a sign at the counter, in bright pink, that says,

“You cannot use Korean Won to purchase our crepes”

Or something liddat! HAHAHAHA So funny! Most of the crepes are like 450 yen so normally people give a 500 yen coin la.

I guess got a lot of stupid people cheat their way with 500 Korean won cuz they look so similar but the value is so different lo HAHAHAHAH. Wtf.


Strawberry Cheesecake crepe. Just want to remind you again.


And it’s omfg good. Yeap, just to remind you again too.



Got home!


We rested for awhile, then i put on my whole Liz Lisa ensemble and we want to go to Akihabara!


Actually i don’t really like Akiba that much because got a lot of weird otaku and i dunno, hentai uncles.

But TK said he wanted to go to Maid Cafe! FML.

(Actually i was very curious too i have always wanted to see if how ugly are the maids because i heard they are very ugly one.)


Before that we saw Go Go Curry. Apparently quite famous cuz so many people queue up!

So we went in and let me tell you, it’s Cheat One™!!!!!


I dunno la not nice one. I didn’t like it. Wasted my time.


So we arrived at the Maid cafe called MaiDreamin (wtf Japanese attempt at puns?)

WA we were a bit embarrassed lo, especially me because where got girls go to Maid Cafe one!!! Then when we went inside, just like we expected, a lot of weird hentai guys lo.


Once you go in they will call you Master and Mistress in a high pitch super Cheat One™ kawaii voice, then act all cute and escort you to your seat.

Too bad all maid cafe don’t allow picture taking (unless you pay to get a polaroid taken with the maids).


The only place i managed to steal a picture of. lol.


Is the toilet lol.

But it says you can take pictures of the food.


Wa damn 7 cute can!

So, before you eat your food, the maid will come over, and in her high pitch Cheat One™ very kawaii voice, she will teach you a magic spell (something like, “Moe Moe, Oishiku nare~”) together with some cute hand gesture, to, erm, apparently—make the food taste better.


Ok la it’s all very cute and entertaining. I don’t mind going to maid cafe again.

If you want a better idea, just go youtube and search for “maid cafe”. Tons of videos.


Akiba also super quiet at night.

Wtf is wrong with Tokyo?



Ok la i am rushing to dinner so simply blog only this post not funny all everything all!

Stay cheesed for next one!