I’m home!!!

This is my  first time visiting East Malaysia and i only have one comment for Sarawak.




They put pepper in everything as if pepper is free. Even the Sarawak laksa is peppery max!

I bought some pepper thinking i could cook pig stomach soup (ju tou tong). But i think i will lay off pepper for at least 1 month lol.

But other things are nais la. People so friendly and cars so slow one!!!!! Like turtle! lolol. Can feel how relaxed the city is. 🙂


Can you figure out what this is?


(I also cannot.)

Looks like some freaking surface of a new planet in the galaxy.

Update: Got reader say look like Mozilla Firefox HAHAHAHAH



Anyway, that is the view from the 22th floor, Pullman Kuching.



It totally took my breath away!


(with Cheat One™ stars that dotted the evening sky)


Wa this picture damn ambiance max. Though i’m not too happy with my dark face. Wa i look like i am totally in love with my Pepper Martini.


Ok can see face.


Looks like the best drink on earth or something.


It’s so beautiful lo. Got river and sunset everything all. Romantic max.


This one looks like someone’s dream. Sofa facing a canal with people playing violin and some good wine and a boat big enough for you to do anything you want lolol.


At the lift with Kuching city night view.


Attended Pullman’s grand opening gala dinner, with lotsa performances.

Second day!


Straw hat is to, err, match the atap long house rooftop impression i have of Sarawak or something wtf.

We had some time to have a brief visit around Kuching city.

Since i flew all the way here, how can i miss the most important tourist spot in the entire Kuching.

Level Up Fitness muahahahah.

Keju insisted we go support his new gym.

It’s really a shame that when we finally had a chance to go to Keju’s turf, he is away at Texas busy being cowboy wtf.



Anyway i so want him to buy stuff back from us! He said undies in Victoria Secret is 10 pieces for USD20 FOL. But i scared he kena tahan at custome thinking he is bin tai lou lololol.


From Zappos.com a whole freaking website that sells fringe boots fml.

If he dowan buy for me i will have it ship via vsHub from USA back to my house. Cheap and fast everything all!



Anyway. His gym!


Naomi (second left) who drove us around Kuching, big thank you! And April who came along with her. 🙂


I like Level Up because got a lot of mirrors easy to camwhore. 😀



This is the lady’s changing room wtf. WHY IS IT NOT PINK!

Apparently the men’s one is all different shade of blue, but the manager don’t let us go in >__<


Wtf Kenny’s weighing scale Cheat One™. Say i’m 42KG. I WHERE GOT SO FAT.


Will i look good in this 😀

After the most famous place in Kuching, we visit like, the 2nd most famous spot or something.



Wtf watermelon cake!

We BBMed Keju who is all the way in Texas which stall is nais, and he recommended this.




Then he asked us to jia hong jia chasiew.


Went back hotel, discovered i didn’t bring laptop charger, had a FML moment, then decided to blog using BB. Hence the previous post you saw.


2 and a half days were gone and bye bye Kuching!

Thanks everyone for tips. Kuching people very friendly!