WITHOUT using an SLR.

Is what i want to blog about today.

All achieved by a review unit of Olympus PEN E-PL1 (i wish it was mine. T______T_), my latest obsession.

Since this is a review and to be completely fair and honest, all pictures posted in this entry is absolutely unedited (except resizing). Non of those Photoshop nonsense. Zero.


And you are about to witness how incredible this camera is. I am amazed myself.


I feel an urge to bling it up like my current CreamCakeCam because it is actually quite small in size so it won’t look like a ridiculous bling tragedy!


Of course Koyuki became my first subject to test out this camera, and i fell instantly in love with this camera.

Just look at the SLR quality! No more carrying big and bulky camera and other nonsense in order to take excellent quality pictures.

One of the camera’s special feature is the Live Guide–a feature that allows you to see the result you want, live.


For example, you can adjust the saturation of the picture ON THE SPOT, and you can see the result instantly on the LCD screen.

I’m making it colorful and vivid!


This one i scroll it down to make it flat and muted

There are many more features you can play with, including the brightness, white balance, shutter speed etc.


This is an example of a slow, smooth and flowy waterfall using the Express Motion feature, set to Blurred Motion.


And this is the crisp, stop-motion like water drop effect!

And with this Live Guide, you no longer need to know or learn SLR photography terms and skills to shoot but still can produce professional like photos. You can play with it at the Olympus website here.




Ok, back to the guide to SLR camwhoring.

So yes, i would like a camera that allows me to take those artsy-fartsy canggih manggih SLR quality pictures, but i don’t really want to/can’t be bothered to get familiarize with all those technical stuff.

I mean, seriously, who cares about apertures and AF system and shutter speed if they can afford not to? Honestly i just want a camera that does all those crap for me and save all my precious time.

The reason why i never wanted an SLR camera is because they are so big that it is absolutely pointless. Yes, SLRs are perfect for taking pictures of other people/things. BUT WHAT ABOUT ME???? Unless you have a someone (who is SLR savvy enough) with you all the time, how on earth can you camwhore with an SLR????

And then i met Olympus PEN E-PL1.

And without wasting time, let me show you the art of SLR camwhoring—without actually having an SLR. Every single photo in this post is taken by me.

One woman show!

It comes with many different scene modes, including the usual night scene, night portrait, and also some special ones like high key, low key, candle and document. One of my absolute favorite mode is e-Portrait.


Believe it or not, like i insisted, this picture is 100% PS free. The e-Portrait mode makes your skin soft and smooth max like baby.

<3 <3 <3!!!!

Another feature i super love about this cam is the ART filter. I know you guys always ask how i PS my pictures so colorful/so nostalgic/so flawless etc etc etc.

Now you just need a camera like this, and you can uninstall your Photoshop for good.


Pop Art

Makes the picture super colorful.

Hair Bow: BACI
Necklace & Dress: Beautiful Disaster


Soft Focus

Makes you look like an angel wtf.


Grainy Film

Makes you look Audrey-Hepburnly super-star.


Pin Hole

I love this very much! Gives an artsy feeling to the picture.



Diorama is a feature that allows your pic to appear in a miniature form. Well this is not the best example of subject, but you still can use it for portraits like this picture, whereby the edges are blurred, which makes it even more SLR-like!


Gentle Sepia


Ok i decided to post more because i’m enjoying this post so so much i spend hours camwhoring until i forgot to eat T_______T


This is soft focus again. It is very Ageha-like! All the Ageha models look like this, i just need to add many many bling bling diamontes and stars around me.


This is diorama.

Looks like fasion magazine arrggghhh <3 max!


More diorama


Pin Hole effect.

And lastly two of my fav pictures.


I really cannot believe i did this without any Photoshop AT ALL.

This is a record.


Nao you can camwhore professionally and produce SLR-quality pictures, without needing one. I believe as a SLR noob, my pictures above is sufficiently convincing that noobs can take good pictures too with the perfect camera, so i don’t want to bore you with all the technicalities (also because i don’t really understand them). You can go to evolvewitholympus if you want the specifications.



Oh, before i forget,  the camera records HD quality movie in SLR quality. In fact, it is  of much better quality than a video cam.

I was testing out the focus and zoom feature. It is just so… incredible. I feel like a Hollywood director. Watch for yourself.

I may not know a lot about cameras, but this little baby makes me very very happy.

I get enquires every single day from my readers asking me which camera is good to buy.