So it is a small cheat. lol.


This is one of the Dolly Wink called Pure Little. What turf does that even mean lol.


Tsubasa in dark hair and red lips.

And my cheat:





Pure Little look:

1. Big dark brown wavy hair (wig from Kimono Cottage)
2. Green contacts
3. Red, glossy lips
4. Leopard print nails (which i failed to cheat cuz no time)
5. Pure Little bottom lash. (Which of course is the most important key but i used some random lash from DonQuixote. Have to cheat even the cheat.)


I hardly do red lips because they look horrible on me. i guess really have to be careful and really match the rest of the make-up.


The wig i’m using is this one. Only RM80. Pretty good quality and cheap max.


Added big bow for maximum pure little effect (sounds oxymoronic lolol).


That’s all!

Happy Cheating!

Next up is a Lis Lisa Cheat One™. Stay cheesed!