The Advertorial Blog™ is back, so to make up for it (no pun no pun!) i will slot in a makeover/style post every time i post an ad 😀 Am i awesomesauce or what!!!

Ok this is the first one. Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.



The mole is original one not Cheat One™! I think the Red Queen blood is in my vein.



The only full body shot i have T_T





Mirror wardrobe is awesomesauce.



Ok last picture is to scare you one.

“OFF WITH HER WIG!!!!!!!!!”


Erm. Why no one laugh with me one. :/




By the way does anyone know where i can get Urban Decay’s stuff?

I totally love their eyeshadow palette! I have one at home, half used, and not by me wtf. lol.

Ok the story is very funny and a bit embarrassing one.

It happened long time ago when i went dating with TK one day, he took out this dirty, old flat box and handed it to me.

“You dropped something in my car.”

I took the box over, opened it, it was a horrible box of eye shadow palette, it was so used that the brand logo has completely faded. It looked almost but not entirely unlike Anna Sui.

I fumed.


Then he explained to me and said he really doesn’t know. Maybe his brother’s girlfriend/friend/other gf i dunno!!! But ok la i trust him hmmph.

But still i was angry lo. I wanted to throw it away but i made a mistake by opening it.

Then i made another mistake by dabbing my finger on one of the colors.

Then i made the final mistake by realizing that it might, for all ridiculous reasons, be the best eyeshadow color i have ever used.

I then realized it was Urban Decay after much research.

And i kept it until today, because i dunno where i can buy a new one.



I went to Urban Decay’s website, apparently they only ship around USA and UK.

Well, if you remember, you  still can purchase it via vsHub, and have it delivered right to your home (Malaysia and Singapore) and save tons on shipping. Maybe that should be the birthday pressie for myself. :D

On second thought since i’m buying something all the way from US, might as well buy, i dunno… something more… i dunno… expensive. XD