I watched Alice!!!!

Then feel very inspired to do the character’s makeover. I wanted to do White Queen, but i needed a crown, and gothic dark lisptick, which i don’t have. So i decided to try out Red Queen first.

Helena Carter is awesome as always wtf.

Anyway, because it was such a spontaneous thing this morning since i was very bored etc and decided to play dress up etc, i can only do my version of Red Queen because i can’t be bothered to go buy red wig and other nonsense (no need money ah!!!) so i just play with whatever i have at home lol.


Barbie Pink lenses from Vivifashion and wig from KimonoCottage. They are both linked in my Cheeseroll.

Don’t have full body photo because i suck at taking full portrait of myself grrrrrr so frustrated!


Ok la so if you really want to go hardcore max and buy all your Alice in Wonderland costumes, i know one website you can go!

It is called 3wishes.com but it is a USA based website.

You can get your Alice costumes at this page.

Well, if you wanna save on shipping, you can purchase it via vsHub, a virtual shopping hub that has any of your goods from US to be delivered right to your home (Malaysia and Singapore) at the lowest prices 😀