Yesterday while i was writing an advertorial, i received a call  from this person, who apparently got my contact from Nuffnang and who runs a new cheese company in town.

So he said he has read my blog and finds it very interesting and i would be perfect for their new company’s Cheese Photoshoot.

Mr Cheese: So what’s your email address again?
Me: please cheese me at gmail dot com
Me: Yea!
Mr Cheese: Okay i’m actually leaving Malaysia soon so will get my manager here to call you, his name is XXX.
Me: Sorry where did you say you are from again?
Mr Cheese: From the UK! UNITED KINGDOM!
(Sure anot what a frigging weird accent) Oh right.
Mr Cheese: Have you ever been to UK?
Me: Yea, twice! And i went to that Cheddar place.
Me: In fact i have a Maltese called Cheddie which is named after the Cheddar cheese.
Mr Cheese: ARE YOU SERIOUS? You know what, my son is just born and HIS NAME IS CHEDDIE TOO!
Me: .. Wow! Oh my god! (Wtf? Are you bonkers?)
Mr Cheese: Okay i got to go i will pass it to my manager, hold on a sec!
Me: Okay.
Manager: Hello? This is XXX, i’m filling in the form for the photoshoot. So what’s your body size?
Me: Erm, what is this for ah.
Manager: I just need your details for the photoshoot because we will have to buy the cheese to make your dress. So what is your size?
Me:(wtf?) XS.
Manager: Okay what about head, what size is your head? We will have to make the cheese hat for you.
Me:(wtf??) Erm, i guess it is S?
Manager: What about shoes? Do you prefer cheese flats or cheese heels?
Me:(Wtf lol???) High.. heels?
Manager: So do you have any preference for any cheese?
Me:I don’t know, u guess everything is fine. I like Cheddar.
Manager: Okay so Cheddar. But what about Blue Cheese? It gives a really good texture!
Me: Wouldn’t that be very stinky lol.
Manager: Oh no!!! It’s really popular!!!!!
Me:(These people are nuts) I see.
Manager: So do you prefer hot or warm cheese to pour on your body?
Me: I’m sorry?
Manager: Do you like hot or warm cheese?
(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Hold on a minute, i don’t think i have agreed to…
Manager: Hey i’m just helping my boss to take down the particulars, you guys can discuss about it later. So hot or warm.
Me: Ok warm. (i can’t believe i just said that, FML).
Manager: Alright!
Mr Cheese:: Hey it is me again!!!
Me: (???? sounds totally different one why?)
Mr Cheese:: Are you confused now?
Me: (FTS) Yes i am!
Mr Cheese:This is what we call a GOTCHA!!!!!!





In actually fact, this is not the first time i kena Gotcha. The first time was a Marriage Proposal from Rudy and JJ. This time it was JJ and Ean.


I totally can’t believe it happened to me again lo. You tell me la, who in the world kena Gotcha’ed twice one??????? They must either love me damn 7 a lot or hate my damn 7 a lot lol.

Actually the conversation i did above is not very accurate one cuz i panicked so much and wtf so much i couldn’t remember much d, the above was re-enacted after much painful effort and recollection. Want the real deal, switch on your  radio lol. I dunno when it will go live, just stay tuned to and listen to me being ridiculed over and over again. IT IS DAMN EMBARRASSING LA!!!!!!!!!

The most tulan thing is, is giving out iPhone everyday for the best Gotcha request! Ie, the pranker gets the iPhone not the prankee FML. T________T

Kena pwned already summore got no consolation one T________T.

Ok so i’m feeling prankful now and i feel like pwning someone back AND GET SOMETHING BACK WTF!

If you have any idea, you can also send in your request to Gotcha here and win an iPhone!

If you don’t wanna be such a meanie yet you still want to bring some cash back home, you can also play chicken.

Yes, play chicken. HAHAHAHA.

Basically just wait for the cue to call, and dial frantically and redial frantically etc ad nauseam.

In most of the Chicken Player i have heard so far i noticed that the second caller normally have a upper hand lo cuz the first one will feel more stressed and yell out anytime, and the second one just shouts his/her name at the next amount and they mostly win it! >_<

Anyway it all depends on how lucky you are that day! Wear red panties!

Good luck playing Chicken and pranking people! Whoever is the prankee, good luck too (and FYL HAHAHAH).

Kthxbai, go to the Hitz Morning Crew at to find out more!