Erm, not just because it is a cheese cow, it has got a lot of holes (and mousies in them too). I finally found the perfect use of the term Holy Cow.



I love my cow.


It is happening in Ashgrove Cheese.


This is my heaven.

Maybe when i retire i will stay on one of the racks.

AND WENT FOR CHEESE TASTING!!!! *chews on self wtf*


Sooooooo many diff types of Cheddar.


Keju with his cheese-matching sweater.

I was so overwhelmed with all the cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese, i couldn’t wait to try it. So i dug my hand into the cow-motif cup to get a toothpick and was ready to poke it into the yummy cheese cubes…

Then a staff came over and asked me not to do it.

I was like O.o

Then i saw this:


FML. T_________T


Anyway, i had some really great local specialty. This is pepper-berry cheese, very intriguing rich flavor with that hint of spiciness.


Guess what is this?


Apparently really popular among the Tasmanians!


This drink is called Spider. I have no idea why.


This is my FAF FAV FAV cheese in the entire factory. It’s an Aussie Parmasan and i swear it taste like Durian.


Cute Wellingtons that the children painted. The kid who drew the middle pair must have watched a lot of SAW.


St Pat design.



Omg speaking of shroom, i saw the most amazing wild fungi today at the Cradle Mountain forest today. WIll post them up soon!


I can’t decide if that’s a goat or a mutated bunny, but i love this pair!


Holy cows would love the red pair.



Tasmanians are just sooooooo creative.

Show you some other examples.


These are some other painted cows outside the factory.

Look at those boots! And the cow’s tail has become the girl’s handbag!


Tasmanian Tiger Cow.


Vast lawns with cows (there are dairy cows for milk and the nomnom cows for, erm yummy sirloins and T-bone.)


The black ones are nomnom cows.


meh. πŸ˜€

And we saw this loooooooong line of dairy cow queuing up to have their tits squeezed for milk wtf. Quite funny if you think of it.


And my Liz Lisa cow girl look fits right in.


More update on Tassie again soon. Too much to blog, not enough internet time!

Special thanks to PureTasmania for the cheese experience!