Was obsessed with Deka Ribbon (Big Bow)hair piece for the longest time but couldn’t find much in Japan, let alone KL.

But recently i found out that you can actually DIY your own Deka Ribbon wtf!!!!!!!! Why didn’t i know earlier!!!!!!!!!


Anyway here’s a little tutorial on How to make a bandana ribbon. There are two ways.

Bandana is really the summer look this year. And the best thing? You can get one at Daiso for RM5 wtf.

Here’s how to do a normal bandana ribbon:


I hope you understand la it’s really simple! The hard part is how to pull and puff it up nicely in the end.

And if you like an even bigger ribbon, you can do this:


(It’s a doggy motif one. Kawaii!)


Note the size difference!




Ringo Romper from thepoplook.com. I’m serious. That’s the name of the romper.


This pic somehow reminds me of Wakatsuki Chinatsu!




I know a lot of magazines did feature how to make the bandana ribbon but none of them show you how to wear it on your head wtf.

Hence, a video tutorial (wasn’t very well angled πŸ™ ) of how the process and there’s a short feature of Baby K in the end. πŸ˜›

Have fun!