I don’t normally use the word fashionista on anyone, and especially do not label myself as one, simple because it means different things to different people.

For me, it simply means someone who adore fashion, and treats it as part of his/her life.

i do.

I think i have been blogging a lot more on fashion recently than i have ever been, because it has become one of the greatest enjoyments in life for me. I know that some people, especially men who are reading this (if they even bother to) can’t comprehend why that certain pair of shoes is so so so important for me, or why i have to pay extra shipping just to buy that head piece all the way from another country, or my obsessions with mitchy-matchy outfits, etc.

I recently had a chat with a new boutique owner and she told me how disappointed she is with Malaysian people’s attitude towards fashion. If i tell you, Oh that’s so New York fashion, or so London fashion, or Wow that’s so Harajuku! —-You could imagine how that’s like.

But if i tell you, “uh that’s so Malaysian fashion?”

You get what i mean?

I have mentioned this before, but i will say it again. Visiting Japan has change my life completely. (i mean fashion sense, but fashion is part of my life, so.) I don’t deny that sometimes i follow the trends a little too closely that it has even becomes a little too pressuring. If i buy that piece of dress, i would have to wear it within that two months because it is so in fashion that it comes with a shelf-life. After two months, it is out.

Most people probably don’t notice (or even care), but i do it for myself and i feel good about it.

I don’t mind people buying the same items that i have, or even dress exactly like me. It is like music. You can’t say, i like Justin Bieber first, you can’t like him. (Just an example, no i don’t like Justin Bieber.) When i was in Japan, most of the girls dress up in the latest pieces, go shopping and have fun together. So even though everyone will end up looking like they come out from the same magazine, it was such a fun sight. It was sharing, it was joy.

(Floral skirt, light denim jacket, kago bag and can-can hat—they are 4 different people wearing almost the exact same style.)

I don’t think fashion can ever be wrong, even though, i must admit, i occasionally (ok, quite often) humiliate certain faux pas that doesn’t agree with my eyes. And on second thought i do say “Omg that dress looks sooo wrong” all the time. Then again, as long as you are happy doing it and do not care what people think about you, go ahead! Dress up in the craziest outfit or the most yesterday outfit, it still isn’t wrong. i would think, hey, at least he/she tried! Wrong is when you don’t even bother to make an effort.



After typing so much, what is your thought on fashion?

And if fashion is your thing, you always wanted to dress up but none of your friend would do it together with you, or if you always wanted to attend a swanky fashion party but never got the invite…here’s your chance to experience it yourself. If there ever was a place to be on a Friday night… THIS. IS. IT.

Date: Friday / 28th May 2010

Venue: Maison

Time: 8 pm onwards till 2am

Featuring fashion shows, International Mixologist (up close & personal with Mixologist – making your own cocktail experience) with in-house DJ playing House/Trance.

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Also, better news is, i will be giving out 15 pax drinks vouchers for the first 15 people who wants it.

Just drop a comment and tell me what you think about fashion, or fashion means to you (anything! Just to make sure you are not someone who cares more about alcohol than fashion!), and end it with “GIMME THE VOUCHER!”

See you there in your dressiest outfit. 🙂