I must be the most hardworking blogger ever typing this at 1:28AM.

I have to catch up on all my travelogue before they run out of fashion (else you will still be seeing my Liz Lisa Spring next year wtf). After Australia, i need to go back to my Nagoya, and then eventually my winter in Hokkaido posts O.o (or are you not interested anymore T__T).


Tourism Australia flew us to Aus on 20th April, and we had one night in Melbourne.


Was dead tired but still insisted going out just so i could say that i have been to Melbourne!

*waves at everyone from the station*


Met up with Pinky! It feels so good to know that you have a trustworthy friend to bring you around a city you have never been to! Wished i had more time to hang out with her!

Went to the Casino, won $100, but our cab fare was $100 too. FOL.


Took Virgin Blue from Mel to Tasmania.

Keju took this picture and commented that he doesn’t know his old friend anymore because she has fake hair, fake lashes, fake iris, fake everything. He emo Lis Liza. He said Liz Lisa stole his friend.


Fake bottom lash too, by the way.

(Ok i actually went to sleep after typing that sentence, so i’m continuing this in the morning!)


Our guide brought us to Ingleside Bakery for lunch.


Love the setting!


And my super big lunch!


Super yummy but kenot finish T__T


Scenery along the way was beautiful!

I love this whole cow and grass and blue sky thing.


The next destination was awesomesauce. Like, litterally.

We went to Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company.

From the name we thought we were going to some big ass factory with 1000 workers stomping on chili or something.


No. It is a husband-and-wife family business started from a home business and now they are famous even overseas. (Husband Tim wasn’t around when we visit because he went to Singapore for business meeting. Soon you will be seeing it in KL supermarkets maybe! :D)


I want to live here!!!



Home grown apple


Their lab! This is the first time i see a dog who loooooves apples! She just runs around looking for apples on the ground and nomnom them!




It is sooooooo beautiful! I want to bring Koyuki here!!!!!



Sauces and jams they produce. There are mustards, relishes, chutneys and different kind of jams.




Lucky to get to sample everything! 😛

(Matching nails wtf)

After that we went over to Tasmanian Honey Company.




More tasting!!!

It’s incredible they have so many different kinds of honey! My favorite was Leatherwood , Manuka  and Christmas Bush.




Apparently they are exporting to KL too!!! (If i’m not mistaken in BSC or something) Remember how it looks! Buy for your honey bunny!


Drove to Launceston and stayed in TwoFourTwo the awesome boutique apartment.


i’d say again that people in Tasmania are really creative. They even sacrifice their shoes for street art.


Went to Stillwater Cafe for a 6 course dinner that took 3 hours.

Pictures i took were crap so not posting, but give it a try if you have the time to spare, really excellent food and superb service!!


The next day. (You can skip the next 5 photos)







Went lunch at the Basin Cafe in Cataract Gorge Reserve. Look what i saw!!!

A rainbow across the table! 😀 😀 😀

(Our guide told us that the Asians she met are all very easily fascinated by rainbows. WHYYY! Is rainbow everywhere in Australia? 🙁 )


I didn’t do this cuz that time i haven’t conquered my fear yet lol.


Food was soooooo good. I will say again, why fried squid in Aussie SO GOOD ONE!!!!


My risotto. Had been having craving for risotto since the moment i landed. This had absolutely satisfied my appetite to the max.


Oh did i tell you i went shopping while Kenny did his flying fox?

This is what i bought I AM SO HAPPY! I think i got it near Centreway Arcade (where a reader said “Hi Ringo” to me and i thought i misheard her and thought that she was just being the usual friendly Tasmanian until she left a comment on my blog and said she said hi to me that morning omg so paiseh T_______T).

Ok get back to the scarf. I WANTED THIS SO BADLY LO it is straight out of VIVI worn by Lena and guess what!!!!



Made a big bow. ^^


Continue our journey to Cradle Mountain. Saw some weird looking plants along the way.


Button grass — only in Tasmania.



Reached the beautiful Dove Lake!


(Was very cold, but tahan only >___<)




This is the view from my little lodge.

All the accommodations we stayed in Aus have super amazing views.  So when you stare out of your windows it is like staring at a painting wtf.


It suddenly turned very cold so got all prepared for a spotlight night tour up at Cradle Mountain!




I wanna hug it to sleep!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry Koyuki)


Wallaby Wallaby, wallawallawallaby.


Some animals we have yet to see.


Next morning.



And we went on that Wonderland shroom hunt.

That’s it for today! More update soon!

If you are tempted to visit Tasmania yet, check out Puretasmania.com.au for info and tips 🙂