Just received a comment in previous entry that says “Cheesie you are in Charles St Launceston”!


Yes i am! But, how you know one!!!!!


In fact, i am at 242 Charles Street, Launceston, TAS 7250.

I am blogging from here. Super sleepy but i’m so excited to share everything with you all! Too much to blog too little time! T_______T.


Am super happy with my accommodation of the day!


Checked into this little gorgeous apartment called Two Four Two, designed by a Tasmanian designer Alan Livermore. Who is super friendly!

Once enter the aparment, Keju and i went wowowowow like Koyuki lol.


Cute key for a start


Bedroom upstairs, with super comfy and konk out king size bed.


A huge mirror for all camwhore purposes


Two yummy apples on the pillows


A guide book and a hot bottle warmer


A pantry complete with coffee machine, fruits cookie tea and other snacks, and gorgeous gourmet breakfast in the fridge!


Even a gorgeous dinner if you don’t feel like eating out.


Cozy sofa, TV and iPod PLAYER OMG.


Super spacious bathroom with JACUZZI !!!!!!!!!!!!


*fainted in bathtub*

I am loving Tasmania already!!!

😀 😀 😀

Ok gotta wake up early tomorrow (5.15AM Malaysian time fml) to cook breakfast.

So, nainai!!!

PS: Everyone should come to Australia! There are too many things to do/see!