You may be thinking omg i love Cheesie’s hair but to be completely honest right, i am quite angry with my hair. My hair is Cheat One™. It’s some kind of dull gold now i feel like i want to go color it the ashest tone possible but always it only lasts like 2 seconds before turning into that dull gold again sob T____T

Not to mention then there’s the super dried ends AND SUPER MEGA TANGLES. Now go ahead and feel better now because Cheesie has shit hair too.

This is the reason why, i have been wearing wigs more often than i needed to. I mean, it’s fast and convenient and most importantly THEY LOOK BETTER THAN MY REAL HAIR.

Ok and to top it all today i read this article about the 7 evil things you can do to your hair, GUESS WHAT?


Let’s see your score, shall we?

1. Straightening & curling


Straightening/curling hair on a regular basis causes it to become to drier, more frizzy and fragile, and in some cases if not managed properly can actually burn the hair.

(Did they just say burn? -_-. Price for wanting to look hot. You get chao da in the end. -_-)

2. Colouring


Hair dyes damage and dry ones hair and if done inappropriately can cause the hair to become rough, frizzy and easy to break.

(I know, i know. I just… like to conveniently forget about the consequences. T__T)

3. Blow drying


Over drying ones hair causes the strands to dry-out and then break.

(Ya but, if i don’t switch the dryer to full blast PLUS turbo my hair will take 15 years to dry!!!!)

4. Styling


Using variants of styling products such as gels, wax, clay also damages hair as it dries out the cuticle leaving hair dull, frizzy, rough and brittle.

(Yea but again, you can’t just tell your stylist, hey lay your hand and your nasty spray off my hair! That would be, err… rude and you are going to lose your modeling jobs -_-)

5. Ponytails


Very tight braids or pony tails can damage hair, sometimes irreversibly. Buns, in particular, put strands of hair through considerable contortions and are not recommended for fragile or brittle hair. In addition to creating split, frayed ends and irregular broken areas, it pulls painfully on the scalp, causing redness and sensitivity.


6. Towel drying


An unknown fact to most, towel drying ones hair can cause damage, more so when done in a rough, vigorous manner. It causes friction, breakage and frizzy hair.

(So erm.. what now? We’ll just have to keep mopping wet floor? T____T)

7. Brushing hair


Excessive brushing or combing ones hair right out of the shower can seriously damage your hair. Hair is most vulnerable to breaks and tears when wet.

(*throws away comb*)

Looks like my hair is going to hell. 7 Deadly Sins, all signed. Not to mention there’re worse things i’d done to my hair in additions to all these. Like, perming and… hair extensions T_T

I am going to be liddis soon:


What about you? I want to know all the evil deeds you all have done to your hair!! Confess nao!