but i can’t.

Let’s just say that it didn’t turn out to be what everyone expected and i am really frustrated over some issues you might have read it somewhere else but definitely not here due to many layers of complication #inception so imma just post pictures of the trip #cryptic.


*calms self down*



Well at least i saw some maple leaves! (is there snow falling down from the top of this blog as you are looking at this pic? 😀 :D)

(Ok if don’t have means you read too fast! HA! Or never read!  HA!!!!!)

This is taken at Ewha Womans University. (I was googling for the correct spelling, and one of the results actually put “(sic)” behind “Womans” lolol. But i mean, come on, it’s the bloody name for a University. Well?)



Dressed college preppy wtf.






HAHA the bow on my Liz Lisa fur hat makes me look like i have an elf ear wtf.



This is trying to camwhore romantically with maple leaves epic fail.



<3 hot choco in winter!



Hello Kitty Cafe!



Korean hot pot dinner at night!!



Drinking at a… wait for it… a HO BAR, anyone???????



Yakiniku dinner at Bulgogi Brothers in Seoul. Apparently very famous restaurant, they sponsor like some Korean drama or something!

Believe it or not that’s a wine glass. And it is white wine. I mean like, this is how WHITE wine should look like. Right?

I mean, people really don’t mean what they say! How can you call some pee-color looking liquid white???



Heart shape beef patty!!!!!!! <3



Next to me is Marie, who sort of saved my life by providing her gorgeous shelter when i was homeless for one day. She is camshy.



Marie brought me to yummy waffle breakfast!



The whole time i was staying in Gangnam, which is like quite far from the city center. Whenever i asked for direction, like how to go to Myeongdong or Dongdaemon or wherever from my hotel, every one was like, oh that’s not too far, maybe like, 1 hour by the subway?


That’s like getting a hotel in Seremban and traveling to KL fml. But really it wasn’t that bad! Subway wasn’t as packed as Tokyo. And i kind of think everyone is exaggerating the distance in Seoul! All the train rides back to hotel felt like only 35 mins or 40 mins top?





Bura-bura solo at Insadong.



Some mascot thingie in Insadong. I hate mascot ever since the Tokyo Disney incident. They only layan small kids one. Age discrimination!!!!!!



I was chatting with one of the candy stall staff then suddenly was overwhelmed by a sea of Japanese girls and i could see sparkle in the Korean staff’s eyes as if they saw gold wtf.



They were filming some show i guess i was trying to see if there’s any models i know of, maybe from like Ranzuki or whatever. Don’t have but i was slightly disturbed by their exaggerated expression and the colossal invisible exclamation marks that popped out from their head and mouth. Everything was like HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH MAJIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH  KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OISHII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf. I’m very sure that’s one of the requirements of being a Japanese girl wtf.



Craft shop at Insadong.



Inside some art gallery*summons poetic vibes wtf

Took a picture with Choi Mi Yeon, the… (what’s the glamorous word for painter?)



All her paintings have a lot of…. vibrantly chromatic… gastronomical… flavors in them wtf. *trying to sounds as though i know what i’m talking about


I mean, it’s nice to buy someone a painting that says “You’re So Sweet”.



But srsly i can’t think of a reason to buy a “You’re So Fishy” painting. Unless it’s like, for your ex or, you know, stuff like that.




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