Is so freaking beatiful.



Stole this image from google, but i’m just saying i don’t remember the Nanpu bridge being so beautiful wtf. I was sitting in the bus just staring at it in awe.

Like, seriously, since when did Shanghai become so beautiful?!



So i was all excited i emailed Oli and said wanna meet up and i said the first thing i wanted to do is eat Laoyafensitang, which is about the most delicious thing in Shanghai.

He was like, “Yea… about that…” and gave me the nonplussed emoticon.

Apparently they demolished the food street because of World Expo fml. Then i said, ok, teman me to go Qi Pu Lu shopping then and get hair extensions!!!

He was like, “Yea… about that, too…” and gave me the nonplussed emoticon.

Apparently Qi Pu Lu is no longer the Qi Pu Lu i once knew fml. T___T



So the answer is since World Expo.

It spoilt everything. I blame it eternally. I dunno. I feel so ambivalent about it! Everything is like, world-class now. Clean streets and UFO lookalike architecture and all. One thousand layer almost #inception like LED bridge. But all the things i loved also cheesappeared. 🙁

Laoyafensitang is knocked down. 🙁 Qipu Lu don’t have cheap nice stuff anymore 🙁 (or maybe Oli lied. He just didn’t want to go shopping with me fml). The funniest restaurant zhap lap zhor. 🙁 Liz Lisa in Nanjing Lu cheesapppeared dunno where.


Everything changed! Even Oli grew long hair and has a girlfriend nao fml!!!





Well i guess the only thing that remained unchanged is… spitting. Great culture. Don’t ever lose it.



View from my hotel.





First night partying in MINT. And… compulsory branding wtf.



Super cute Samantha Aimi bag!!!



And Dazzlin navy coat.



On the way to Oriental Pearl Tower with Helen and the rest!




With jason





If Isaac Newton discovered gravity, i discovered camwhoring of the ceiling mirror. And i am smarter because i discovered it without apple hitting on my head. Eat that, Newton.



Soon i will have a unit of camwhore measurement named after me and taught in school and benefit the mass. You are welcome.



At the observation deck.



With other Malaysian journalists. Looks like some indie band album cover wtf.



THE GLASS WALKING PLATFORM! Or whatever you call it. WALAO i remember there’s one small glass panel on top of Tokyo Tower i could barely touch it. This one is like one whole freaking floor of glass wei! It is a whole new level of vertigo.

All the Shanghai aunties and uncles were like, LYING ON THE GLASS FLOOR taking pictures wtf!!!

I felt very kiasu la! iosowan a cool pic but i was scared until eyelash almost drop (sorry just an expression)!!! In the end Helen and i were like, “okay, it’s all in the mind, it’s all in the mind…” So we held hands and looked into each others eyes and took baby steps over into the glass and yelled at Jason “QUICK QUICK QUICK PICTURE NAO NAO NAOOOOOO”.

Hence the 2 pictures below.


My brain: oh dear keep looking up don’t panic don’t panic don’t look down…


My brain: Ok nao slowly touch your butt on the glass and do what other people call sitting and dun look down ok chill lalalalala can i go yet can i go yet wtf



Aih the picture doesn’t do my fear justice. It’s a lot scarier than that in real life ok!

Mission accomplished. And we never look down ever again.



Dragged Kevin into the picture.



Some scenery of Shanghai.

Well all towers kinda have the same views if you have been to more than 3 so i’ll save some bandwidth here.



But i like this pic. This is Helen saying, “my gift for you, Shanghai!” and PFFFFFFT.



Cheat One™ fireworks.



Hello Kitty Pearl Tower!!!



Seriously. I’m still deciding what name i should use for the unit of measurement for camwhoring.



This is what we were fed every single day in Shanghai. No. I rephrase. Every single meal in Shanghai.  Averagely about 70.6 dishes per person.



Erm, party outfit for day 2. One*Spo Hope Glitter Tutu Dress.



And Tsubasa Sheep Fur Earmuff.







Party at Muse.

It was actually Dom Perignon  in the glow-in-the-dark bucket and i was all waaaaa so pretty snap snap snap then i was reminded of ahem branding ahem hence the cognac in an ice bucket lol.



The only decent picture before i got all pissed and smeared-make up. The rest is drunkenness.


Day 3 Shanghai. met up with Oli, who refused to bring me to QiPu Lu. 🙁



Nice picture with Oli. Love it.


Just to illustrate his height. Imagine him kissing an ostrich. The taller one.



As we were walking we passed by giant poster of the big event itself!!! 😀

Ok i dunno why i  was pointing at Harlem Yu. I guess i was pointing at the poster in general wtf.



Oli was like, S.E.O in young? Wtf this sentence doesn’t even make sense! lololol



Serious i cannot tahan Seo In Young’s pose in this poster. I really wanted to help her fix her head. Like, you know, ala any Korean Horror movie.



And ahem, i’m thirsty wtf. *branding branding.



Thanks Hennessy!

Ok that’s all about Shanghai bai.

*To mayor of Shanghai: if you are reading this, (thanks for not banning Cheeserland in China.) Pls bring laoyafensitang back!!! Xie xie!