Ok this is a half-ass make up post.

Man what’s with me and my half-ass and not-even-quarter-ass blog posts. If it gets any lesser than that i will have to spell ass as s instead. (HAHAHAH GEDDIT?)

Looks like a lot of you love the make up in my previous W♥C post! Most of the comments i got say that without my usual falsies and winged eyeliner, it gives a fresher and younger look. Which isn’t really the look i was going for because i wanted the adult bronze gyaru look T_T. But i guess it is a great compliment and i shall unabashedly accept and embrace it with pride.hmmmph

The look i’m trying to cheat is Matsumoto Aki’s “Baby Skin Look”.



Aki’s one of my favorite models omg if i am getting a face transplant i will use hers wtf.

And my latest picture kind of have that Aki feel!!!!!!!!! *buaypaiseh



Hmm. Anyway.



Ok so this is my no-make look. Which is Cheat One™ la cuz obviously put foundation already. Ya so big difference i know.dark



When i make up i never follow sequence also one. Just anyhow work on any feature i like. Here’s tinting cheeks pink!



Then blend it with a coat of loose powder.



Then only brows. I think this is the most important step la since the make up is so minimal plus i’m not using any eye shadows at all.

For this look i go for a thicker, less edgy brow shape that matches my hair color.



Ok i didn’t take picture of my eyeliner, but i used a pencil liner and just line my upper lash line very very thinly, with no outstretched wings. Then apply two coats of mascara.

Lastly, just apply a clear or a pinkish lip gloss.




This is under natural sun light.

Hope you feel cheated! Ok bai.