Ok today i did something very shameless.

I asked on twitter who can create a Facebook page for me. iii

I sort of have this annoying ego thing that stops me from creating a Facebook page for myself because it’s like very buay paiseh la. Especially when back then it was called “Facebook Fan Page”. It’s like, who the fuck creates a fan page for herself right?

Which some shamelss female blogger i dislike totally did, then she invited me to be a fan wtf. her invitation says like, (replace my name with her name pls) “Cheesie has become a fan of Cheesie. Cheesie suggests you to become a fan of Cheesie too“, which is totally like wtf. So i sort of swore to myself that i will never stoop so low to do such unabashedly condescending act. Which i totally secretly regret afterwards because i’m very kiasu and now everyone also has a FB page and “BE A FAN” has also become “LIKE”, which is like very cool, and more modest. If a lot of people like you la.

Plus!!! I’m really really sick of getting tagged by random asshole blogshops as a sleeve or a bra strap to their selfishness promoting their stupid clothes. You think i do free advertising ah! FFFFFFFUUUUUU! Therefore i’m deleting everyone i dunno from my personal account.

ANYWAY. So i decided to bribe people to do this dirty deed on my behalf wtf. And bribe is a mention on my blog wtf.

So guess who is the first one who created a Facebook Page for me!!!



Anyway, thanks la.

And here’s my, ahem, kind of, sort of, almost, but not entirely unostentatious Facebook Page. It’s not even about me, it’s about this stupid crap blog. *feign modesty

Haih. I have probably promoted like 200 clients’ facebook page. Join XX for free samples! Please LIKE XX to find out more!! Click here for rubbish that you will never use!

I dunno why it is so difficult to promote self wtf.

Haiya, give you la. Since you asked. *pretend cannot hear protest



Wait lemmi offer bribe first.

W♥C Jumpsuit from minimaos.


Wa this pic look abit like Matsumoto Aki *shamelesser






*stoops low and falls into longkang

Thanks arigatou kamsiah terima kasih xie xie hmm goi ah.