Just came back from Australia! Haven’t even unpacked my luggage and warmed my sofa yet nao i’m here cuz i scared all of you forgot about me wtf.

And also since i’m on a #hardworkingblogger mode!

Here are some snippets of my trip to Northern Rivers, NSW Australia. Will blog more once my luggage is unpacked ok let’s scrap that cuz it’s not gonna happen my sofa is warmed.


Flew Air Asia X to Gold Coast! I could see why they name it such because the coastline is indeed beautiful!

Guys, please remember to apply for your visa if you’re going to Aus because i almost had a heart attack on the departure day. I realized i needed a visa go get into Aus and that was 3 hours before i had to leave for the airport wtf.000

Everything was done online and it got approved within 10 second. I give you that, Australia!


We stayed at Tweed Heads, which is right at the border between NSW and Queensland!


Beautiful surfer beach


I fed some calves


Gave some Roo food to this guy but he decided to sniff me instead


Had some super mud crab on a river cruise


Caught the first fish in my entire life but threw it back to the river because it was underage wtf #NotAPedo


Some local newspaper got all excited and wrote about us (media and bloggers) going to Casino (no la we not hardcore gamblers it’s just a town called Casino) to cover the Beef Week. And we got all excited and took picture of the article and re-wrote about them writing about us. (Then they will get more excited and write about us writing about them ok this is some pseudo inception going on imma stop myself right here)


Went to Casino Beef Week! Didn’t expect to go to a cowboy town in AUS wtf. YEEHA!


Then visit Bush Tucker and tried all sort of exotic fruits


Went to Crystal Castle and absorbed all the zen


Amazing beach view at Byron Bay


Went Yabbie Pumping and caught a grand total of ZERO yabbie

And of course how can anyone miss out surfing right?

Not only did i put on my hottest bikini, i also surfed RIGHT NEXT TO A DOLPHIN WTF.