This is an attempt of me being a hispter.

By hipster i mean being cool around the hips.

And that will requires something hip to put around my hips.

These are three hipster looks i created with a pair of Boy Friend Fit jeans.

Grunge Hipster

Adores Johnny Depp, listens to Alice in Chains, smells like teen spirit, favorite movie is Juno just because Sonic Youth had a song in it.

Wears adidas.

Harajuku Hipster

Adores Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Listens to Electropop, owns twenty seven baseball caps, just one fifth of the decorative bears she has.

wears adidas.

Hipster Bieber

Doesn’t believe in belts or socks. Spend two hours combing her hair everyday. Goes to the beach. Never says never.

wears adidas.

There are heaps of hipsters stirring up controversy on what’s cool and what’s not. For me, i stick to the ORIGINALS.

Yeap i’m a jeanius.