Hello gyaru tachi!!

If you don’t know NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV yet, watch this!

And the good news is, they will be coming to Malaysia again to do an episode with Foruchizu!!

Again, Foruchizu is the first Gyaru Club in Malaysia, started because of NHK Tokyo Kawaii.

We had only 8 members at first (excluding Lie and Maiko).

And now…







Thank you for all your support.

On the 9th Oct, this coming Sunday…

NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV is coming to Malaysia again! And they want to meet all of us to do an episode together, basically about how Foruchizu has grown over the past few months!

So, please make yourself free this Sunday, whether or not you are a gyaru, or just a curious reader who wants to meet Audrey and me wtf. GUYS ARE WELCOME TOO wtf.

Bring as many friends as you like. Malaysian, make us proud in Japan!! πŸ˜€

Date: Sunday, October 9
Time: 12:00pm –Β 3:00pm (to be confirmed again)
Venue: KLCC (exact venue to be confirmed again)

Please RSVP this Facebook event so we will know how many people will be coming!


We will update the latest news on Foruchizu’s FB page so remember to like us!!!