Hello guys! Here’s me who nao has straighter teeth doing a quick update on my invisalign progress. You can read my first entry here.

And you will love this post because there’s shitty teenage pictures of me with bad teeth and braces.

Takes a lot of courage to post it here!

Like i said, i did braces before, it just got fucked up again because i didn’t wear my retainer for life.







I was 14 WTF.

That was probably the first time i ever put on make up (by a make up artist) because i was already so vain i wanted to have nice pictures taken for memory before i go on a looooooong journey looking ugly in braces. So i went to have studio photo taken wtf. Ichigo and i were the first people who did this in our school. #hipster

Man you guys are so lucky. Back then braces is like a 3 years jail sentence. Everybody thinks you are a monster and nobody likes you.



Shit me no guys went after me and they all called me 绑牙妹。T_TT_TT_T




My teeth was so awesome i always smiley very, VERY widely and proudly.

Until it was fucked up again…. for like some 10 years wtf. -_-



Until i discovered Invisalign!

So this is when i first started my aligners. I think i was on aligner 2 or 3. Bottom row is hideous and two front teeth are misaligned.

And the picture below is taken today, on my aligner-9!!

It’s half way through the treatment (normal procedure is about 20 aligners) and it’s so much straighter nao!!!!! 😀

It’s seriously a very very happy feeling!

Here are some FAQ that you guys often ask me regarding Invisalign. I will try to answer based on my experience! But please bear in mind that every individual is different so the effect and experience might differ too!

1. How much does it cost?

At Orchard Scotts Dental, Invisalign costs about SGD6500 – SGD8500 (simple to advance cases) and it can even go up SGD 9000 for very complex cases. A clinic i went to in KL told me that it is RM22,000 ONWARDS. So i think that’s pretty damn reasonable.

2. Does it hurt?

Man. Honestly? This is a meme i made on the first day i started my Invisalign:


The first day was so painful i almost wanted to fork an ant to death. And i was like WTF DID I GET MYSELF INTO?!


Trust me, (and Xiaxue, and many other people who have done Invisalign. Yes i know because i did so much research online), the pain is fucking worth it. Because, all you have to do is to tahan that one day of pain. And then it will be gone. Forever. And you will have straight teeth forever. Your call.

3. Does it still hurt every time you change to the next aligner?

You know what? You will experience a tightness surrounding your teeth, and I LOVE THE FEELING. I love it TIGHT!  The tighter the shioker!!! Maybe that’s the closest i get to experience being a guy, you know, when… ok i don’t know how that works, honestly. I should stop typing. I mean, either that or Invisalign has made me a masocheese who enjoys pain.

4. How often should i wear my Invisalign?

You should wear it at least 20-22 hours a day. I wear it except when i am eating. It’s surprisingly easy once you get used to it. The plus point is, you will lose weight like mad because you will be SO DAMN LAZY to snack in between meals because you don’t want to brush and floss your teeth, again. I haven’t snacked in months.

5.  Sounds awesome! I want perfect teeth NAO! Where do i go?

Good choice.

Orchard Scotts Dental

Location:  501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place #05-08, Singapore 238880
Phone:      +65 67329939 ; +65 7326889 (fax)
Website   http://www.orchardscottsdental.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OrchardScottsDental

6. Cheesie you are so gorgeous and awesome!

I know right? You are welcome.

So guys! Let me know if you have any other question regarding Invisalign. I (and Orchard Scotts Dental) will try to answer you guys! 😀