If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you would have known that i have started my Invisalign procedure awhile ago from Orchard Scotts Dental (Orchard Road, Singapore).

If you would bear with me, this is quite a long story.

I did my braces when i was 14 years old. That’s more than 10 years ago. (I would love to post a pic of me wearing braces lol but all my old albums are back in Seremban. Maybe in my next invisalign update ok!)

Anyway, i extracted 4 teeth, and had metal in my mouth for 2 years (luckily that time haven’t pak tor so no #thatawardmoment during make out), and my dentist asked me to wear retainers until i was 19.


I wore retainers until i was 21.

Xiaxue has this theory about dentist conspiracy, and say they never tell you you have to wear retainer FOR LIFE, so that they earn more money  when you go back and fix it wtf.

So when my wisdom teeth grew out a year or two later, they pushed all my other teeth until they became all messed up again, especially the bottom row.

So nao all my braces effort wasted and i was very pissed off about it, but i thought, oh well, there’s always Photoshop and it’s not that obvious anyway (my upper teeth are quite perfect).


Wa sibeh cannot tahan when i look at my bottom teeth i want to break them all off wtf! I didn’t realize that the perfect smile is SO SO SO important and it bothered me very much until i feel super self conscious whenever i have to do a video. But there’s NO WAY i would go back to wearing braces again after that two years of looking like Kathy Beth Terry.

When i heard about invisalign, i was so happy and was super determined to do it. So i went to a local dentist and after the consultation, the orthodontist told me that invisalign cannot achieve the effect i want (i wanted to push my front teeth back a little cuz i have a slight overbite), and they encourage me to do the more aesthetically acceptable braces, which is white color, but still you have metal stuck in your teeth or whatever. I said that’s OUT OF THE QUESTION. So in the end he quoted me for my invisalign, guess how much?

22k onwards.

Summore he said cannot promise the result i want lo, wtf right.

I was very sad and succumbed to my fate to have bad teeth for life until one day i went to SG, and teman Xiaxue to her dentist in Orchard Road to get her new invisalign aligners and totally got convince to go for the same procedure myself!

The funny thing is, when i visited my Malaysian friend Annie who married to Singapore, we had the same appointment on the same day at Orchard Scotts because she is also considering doing her invisalign there because she said that’s the best in SG, and they are also the Platinum Elite Providers of Invisalign. That alone sounds more than promising already.

So after doing my mould and waiting a few weeks of waiting for my aligners to be customized, I finally got them!!

Here’s the simulation video of how much teeth will look, BEFORE and AFTER.

More video on upper teeth, lower teeth and side view on my Youtube Channel.

Amazing isn’t it!!! I’m so so so excited about it!

😀 😀 😀

These are used aligners. I will get a total of 20 sets, and i’m on my 4th now!

Even though that means i will have to travel to Singapore at least once every 6-8 weeks to do a regular progress check-up and also get my new aligners, it is totally worth it.

Dr Ronnie Yap is the BEST DENTIST i’ve ever had. He has the smile of a bright sun, hair of F4 (according to Xiaxue lol) and super super patient with all my questions, and also Malaysian <3

And do you know that people do invisalign not only for aesthetical purpose? Dr Ronnie spent like half an hour explain to me why our jaw is so important that it directly contributes to many health related issues!!! He’s now wearing a device called orthotic too despite having perfect teeth because he has back pain (!?!??!)

Apparently if you have back problem, neck pain (like i do!!) etc it could very well be related to the reason as simple as the way you breathe and jaw misalignment etc. And Some of those problems can be corrected by invisalign! Ok i might not quote everything 100% correct here because it’s very technical stuff so go consult a orthodontist!

ANYWAY after saying so much finally some pictures!!!

This is me WEARING my invisalign.

It is TOTALLY transparent and really invisible (hence the name) and throughout the duration since i wore it a month ago, nobody noticed anything except when i took them off during meals and my friends went INGLIP.jpg “what did you just do?!?!!?”


Only when you get really REALLY close up only you can see a transparent layer over your teeth. But nobody will ever get so close to my mouth except my future boyfriend so yea.

This is again, me wearing my aligners, just to show you how awesome it is.

And that’s the beauty of Invisalign.

I can’t wait to have straight perfect teeth.

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