Remember The Sparkle Project i talked about a few days earlier?

I have contributed some ideas too, for the theme “beauty” and “dream”.


Here are some that i am going to submit! They are mostly pictures because i think pictures is the best and most direct as visualization, although i’d love to draw some abstract art too for your deep interpretation lol.



This is a picture of taken at Meguro River during sakura full bloom season last month in Tokyo.

It was one of the most beautiful sight i have ever behold, and for that half an hour stroll (even though i was alone) along the river, all i felt was pure bliss and was overwhelmingly touched by how beautiful this world still is, and still can be.

And it makes me feel that this world is still full of hope and dreams.

This is dried flower that i kept from 2000. I think that was the first bouquet i have received in my life and i thought it was really beautiful lol. After that i tried to spray it with my favorite perfume and kept it in one of my diaries.





This is the first diary i have ever bought myself. It was 17 years ago. I still remember it was RM11.90 and i thought it was crazy expensive, but it comes with a mini lock and key because that’s what a diary should be during those days lol.

That was also the first time i ever started writing for myself. So technically, i have been “blogging” for 17 years.

I have kept over 20 diaries over the years, although i don’t anymore because now there’s this whole blog thing. i have written down countless of secret dreams and wishes, and most of them have come true.

When i was youngmy ambition was to be an author who writes awesome stories and shares them with people all around the word.

I guess i could say that i have materialized my ambition. 😛

This is a drawing i made when i was 16. I had short hair back then and the toga top was very in trend last time lolol. Very shy to publish this actually lol. That time i was already dreaming about love and relationship although i didn’t have one yet lolol.

And now i am getting married to the best guy i’ve ever met. <3

I have been practicing The Secret, and i must tell you that it works!!!! It really does!

Xiaxue told me that when she wants something, she will write it down 10 times and it almost always come true for her. So one day i tried. That time i really wanted to go to Japan badly but i didn’t have enough $$$ la. So i wrote down “i will go on a sponsored trip to Japan” 10 times in my notebook.

After about a week later, Xiaxue said she’s inviting me to HK and Otaru on a sponsored trip.


So now my dream is to become an awesome fashion producer, like my idol Ogihara Momoko and Matsumoto Ena chan. But the Secret says that you have to believe that it has already happen, or is happening rather than it is going to happen, hence the present tense.

Try it and let me know if it works!!!!


Also if you have any ideas to share, do contribute them to and stand a chance to be featured in Yuna’s latest MV. 🙂