This is my 101th post about Japan. I was shocked myself to find out how much i have blogged about Japan. I have been there 9 times means each time i visit Japan i blog more than 10 posts wtf.

This is about Okinawa! I went there 12-16th April, which is exactly the few selected days Kim Jong Un wanted to fly his fucking rocket. There was a lot of tension going on in Japan especially Okinawa because a large US army base is there, and the kareshi was very worried that our flight will get cancelled due to the missile launch.

But in the end his rocket ejeculated prematurely la HAHAHHAHAHA laugh die me lolol. I was telling Audrey i want to make a meme (actually i should la but i lazy), where one picture shows the fully equipped pre-launch missile with a smug face that says “Kim Jung Un Happy”. And then the next picture is the missile fail and fall down with a Y U NO face that says “Kim Jung Unhappy”.



Ok did i just laugh alone. emo3

Anyway why i so long gas. Here’s the blog post!

Okinawa is really the most unJapan place in the entire Japan, it is so unJapan it is almost Malaysian lol.

It is also extremely expensive to travel to. No wonder they say for Japanese people it is cheaper to travel to Taiwan/Korea or even Malaysia than to Okinawa domestically. My flight to Naha, Okinawa cost something like a trip from Malaysia to Japan wtf.

But the kareshi said it is ok because it was my birthday present emo1

Which makes it so special because it is not as easily accessible as other parts of Japan like Osaka or Nagoya, for example. And i’m very very happy that i have completed ALL the places i have ever wanted to go in Japan, with Okinawa as the last one.

From the very up north Hokkaido to the very very down south Okinawa. Flight from Tokyo was like 2 hours 15 minutes!


Ok this song is for you to play while reading this post wan lol.

In many many ways Okinawa resembles Malaysia because of the warm climate, local specialties like hibiscus, sugar cane and pineapple. The Japanese people will go all wooooo that’s soooo exotic and interestinngggg

And i was all like errr….emo3 that’s just very Malaysian. LOL.

Before i actually went there i was always very intrigued by how different it is, and Okinawan speak an almost completely different language, and also very few people i know have been there before so it was quite mysterious to me. And i fell deeply in love with Okinawan music T_T. One day i was playing the song above ( Natsukawa Rimi’s Shima Uta ) and looped it for something like 30 times because i was like holy shit that was the most beautiful song i’ve ever heard wtf. T_T

Ok really am long gas maximus. Ok picture yes alright.



Pikachu Jet wtf.

Landed at Naha!! This is our rental car.

Now my mom sure go buy toto wan you believe me anot lol.

Salt ice cream!

The kareshi drove a long way to our hotel and he refuse to tell me where it was lol.

And then we reached our hotel and i was like








But that’s so cool omg first time staying in a caravan hotel <333


The interior is extremely spacious forgive me if i say it is more spacious than most apartments in Tokyo lol.

I love it!!! emp2


Another bed!



Amazing right????

And big mirror.


Also they somehow managed to fit a toilet and a shower room inside O.o. Space Management Level: Japanese.


The first day we just walke along the beach nearby and enjoy sunset and all the cliched things 😀


Next morning!

The pool!



Drove to eat Okinawa’s specialty—Okinawa Soba.

Actually it taste more like udon haha.


Shaved ice!



And then went to Okinawa Aquarium!

Pink fish!!



I swear this iPhone is not disappointing me. In this entire post every single picture is taken with my iPhone. Shit me i don’t even need a camera anymore :X


(Ok la i wasn’t as excited as i made myself sound lol i’m generally uninterested in fish except when it comes to sashimi.)

Anatomy of a shark haha i dunno how they do this!!! I think they really like dissect a shark liddat and then take picture of it :X


Actually we were a little unlucky because the whole 4 days in Okinawa it was cloudy with drizzle T____T.

Kareshi was a little disheartened that there was no sun but i was secretly quite happy cuz dun need sunburn haha.

Dolphin show holy cheese they are SO CUTE there was this dolphin who can act wan wtf! emp2

Why are dolphins so clever wan???? Howdo you even train a dolphin?!?

Pink shark made of flowers haha


Shisa the Okinawan guardian!

Shisa, shisa everywhere.


So cute <3

Also went into a traditional Okinawan house and got free tea



Drove to the seaside

Kareshi taking a nap in the car while i camwhore haha

Lady bird is probably the only marginally cute insect in the world.


Went for afternoon snack! That’s the menu.


Suuuuuuper good pizzaaaaa

Frozen mango dessert


View from the restaurant



Ok that’s all! Still got part 2!