A lot of my readers ask me why i don’t blog about my dog Cheddie anymore.

The last time i posted something under “Cheddie&Pets” category was July 2010, which was the day when Koyuki went missing. The reason why i don’t blog about pets anymore is because first it was still an open wound that i never found Koyuki back, secondly because i hardly see Cheddie anymore because she now stays with my mom in Seremban, as i travel way too aften to take care of her.


For you new readers, Cheddie is the first pet i’ve ever had. She is a Maltese and i got her in 2007.


This was the first picture i took of her. Haha so small!!!

I remember she had pointy ears back then, and a lot of people scared me and said that i got shortchanged and bought a non pure breed Maltese because Malteses never had pointy ears!

So they told me she must be some kind of mix terrier -____-. But the shop staff insisted that pointy ears during puppy days are normal because of their teeth growth (?!) or something.


My god every time i looked at her my heart melted. I remembered that my whole life was about Cheddie back then lol. Also because i didn’t really have a job that time.


After a few months she didn’t have pointy ears anymore phewww. So yea she is a real Maltese. Her fur grew so long and white and shiny she looked really like a princess of all dogdom haha.



And then……


A blink of an eye, Cheddie is now 5 years old.

In human years she’s an Obansan now lol.

Even though i only see her like once every couple of months, she is still SUPER attached to me.

You know how they say once a master forever a master? My mom spends every single day with her, but during the days i go back to Seremban, she’s like superglued to me.

My mom will tell her, “Cheddie! Mommy is coming back!!!” And she understands it. The whole day she would pace around in the house all hyped up, and sit at the gate waiting patiently for her mommy’s return.

And the moment i parked my car and she hears it, she will sprint out like a cheetah and spin around like a turbo kebab lolol. That is the happiest time for her, seeing me.



She sticks to me ALL THE TIME when i’m back, and if i stay the night, she will want to sleep with me instead of my mom. T____T


A lot of people ask if i will consider getting another pet again. To be honest i have been dying to get a new pet because I must say that having a pet is very very very rewarding, although it is a lot of hard work. But my lifestyle is really not suitable for another pet for now, plus my mom forbids me to get one, she say a human one is better.


Which is true la. I have also been secretly feeling broody awhile ago :X


But that’s another story. So for now, good la because Cheddie still gets ALL the attention that she ever wants.

Which leads to my next topic.

If you read me more than 4 years you know that Cheddie has quite a serious separation-anxiety problem. We bring her EVERY WHERE we go and we are very lucky that she’s extremely tiny so she fits into a puppy carrier.

She is also extremely spoilt and fussy about her food.

She eats ONLY human food. My mom boils real chicken meat for her every single day.

I KNOW. Now you all are going all like NOOOOOO you can’t do that!!! and we know that it is not good for our pet. But this has been going on for at least 4 years now and really we tried everything to no avail.

This would be Cheddie’s typical meal.


She sort of has this irritating boilt brat attitude that whatever she doesn’t like to eat, she leaves it in the bowl.

It’s damn annoying.

It’s really not good for her and we reckoned that’s an unbalanced diet, and that might also contribute to some of her problem like hair loss and skin allergy :(( Or she’s just getting old :(((

Anyway i really wanted to change this bad eating habit but i didn’t know how to start because everyone tells me different things and it’s damn confusing. But i came across Pedigree’s Miracle Program, and where they are giving out 100 deserving dogs 6 week’s worth of Pedigree products to attain good health!!



I am joining this program for Cheddie’s sake and these are the products!!! I think they are worth more like a 6 month supply since Cheddie is extremely small sized lol.

I’m quite excited for the change as here are some of the Pedigree key ingredients to promote good health for our pets:

  • – Calcium and phosphorus for strong bones & teeth
  • – Dietary fiber for healthy digestive system
  • – Vitamins & minerals for body system to work effectively
  • – Omega 6 for healthy skin & coat
  • – Protein for strong muscles

I am now away from home but mom will help me to monitor the change so hopefully 6 weeks later i have a healthier and younger looking Cheddie!