I couldn’t have fully understood the true meaning of that phrase any more clearly than i did yesterday.


Japan, i am home.


This is a short post but i will be updating about my trip to Nagasaki soon.

It was a picture i took at Huis Ten Bosch,  a theme park/resort in Nagasaki that is also nicknamed little Dutch town because it is recreated after actual Dutch town. I think it is very famous but even i have never heard of it. But very worth visiting! Strongly recommended if you ever visit Nagasaki!

It was usually famous for Tulips but this time of the year there was a rose festival going on so we went there for a day of relaxation.

My god i have never been to a place that smells SO NATURALLY GOOD. It is like walking into a town-size perfume bottle basking in natural rose essence. It was so amazing!!!!

It was such a nice relaxing day. I didn’t really pose for the picture because that was exactly what we did—smelling roses.

We walked up to every different type of rose and shove our noses into the flower and SNIIIIIIIIFFFFFF. To my surprise some rose actually smells repulsive, therefore do not judge a stalk of rose by its petals WTF. But it was so fun. I have never smelt so much flowers in my entire life lol. We kept sniffing in our quest to find the best scented stalk of rose.

And that, is indeed one of the best thing one could do in life. It just makes me so happy.