As i have mentioned in my previous post, i went to Huis Ten Bosch (pronounced Haus Ten Boss) in Sasebo, Nagasaki!

It’s a Dutch style resort/theme park that is famous for its beautiful tulip gardens and other seasonal flowers!!


Replica of dutch buildings with windmills, canals and all! Super exotic!


Very beautiful view!


A windmill!



Also during my visit they had a special 20th Anniversary Rose Garden theme that features like more than one million stalk of roses wtf OMG SO ROMANTIC so i die also insist want to go with my kareshi lolol.



My god i have never seen so much roses in my entire life not even in Alice in Wonderland.


Rose walk way.

WA i don’t mind having my wedding here!!!!!!

There were a lot of elderly couples who went there and really study the roses, i guess they are into gardening and they were sooooo cute and i feel all fuzzy and warm inside <3



The color combination was also super pretty my god purple lilac and sweet pink super romantic until dunno what.

To be honest some of the flowers doesn’t even look like rose, some are sakura-like. But whatever la not like i want to be a florist i just want to be here and smell ALL the roses!!!



Haha actually it is a bit awkward to pose with flower because it’s difficult to pose without looking like fatt fa din or super hiao :X

Ok now i will post some of my favorite roses in different colors!!



Xiaxue told me this is Camellia and not rose so i also dunno what it’s doing here lol. But it looks so perfectly shaped and almost unreal!


some of these purple ones smell reaaaaaally good!


I think purple flower in this shape is quite rare and i think it’s super pretty! <3



This is oen of my favorites because it’s soooo pastel light and super romantic <3




Lovely lovely pink!!

By the end of this post i’m going to run out of adjectives wtf.


Orange rose is a little weird but quite unique la


First time seeing green rose!!!



My latest hobby is smelling real rose wtf.

We were on a Best Scent quest and we saw a signboard that says the award-winning best-smelling rose is called “Fragrant Hill” so we looked up and down for it.


We finally found it but it was barren WTF.


Oh wait, we found the only half-bloomed stalk of rose and also two other tiny rose-buds.

So i shoved my nose into it and surprisingly it really smelt super nice even though it was so small T___T

I felt a bit touched wtf.

And then we also found other roses which we couldn’t be bothered about the names, that smelt less like rose but a little remotely fruity, and was in white color. That was my favorite.

Seriously i can’t believe i’m blogging about flowers.



Also i paid 399 yen (like RM15) for a bottle of rose water -_____-

Because it was the cutest packaging i’ve ever seen on a bottle wtf. Looks like some magic potion that will make me pretty WTF.

It is called “inner perfume” because it’s consumable rose essence.

Basically it is just rose scented water la hahaha doesn’t taste remarkably amazing or what but it has this nice rose scent and sliiiiiiightly floral sweet taste, which is really pleasant.

I think i will pay RM15 for it again :X

Damn you Japanese packaging gimmick.



Some other things they sell in Huis Ten Bosch (Aiya i;m so tempted to type Haus Tempos).

Strawberry mochi!

I just looooove everything there! All looks so pretty and girly and dreamy <3333


Strawberry Ice. It was too cold so the first lick my tongue was stuck in the ice wtf.

I still remember seeing one of the Rescue 911 episode loooooong time ago, there was this little kid he naughty la he climbed up to the freezer and licked the ice and his tongue to stuck there WTF and the 911 people have to defrost his tongue -____-.

So i kinda got traumatized abit.



MY SHOP!!! Hahahah


Cheese windows!



I have been to some real Holland Village before went i visited Volendam in the Netherlands, and i must say that it feels VERY VERY authentic, except that the Japanese makes everything nicer and cuter wtf.

(Please be reminded that i am extremely biased towards Japan so everything i see in Japan is through rose-tinted glasses, especially now everything i smell is also through an intoxicated rose scent filled nose HAHAHAHHA man don’t i just make the best references always LOLOL)



Huis Ten Bosch mascot.


I bet you all dunno Miffy is actually from Holland!!!! I also didn’t know until my Dutch reader Laura told me about it.

But in Holland it’s called this other name that i can never EVER pronounce—Nijntje.

Try pronouncing it. Just try. I think Laura taught me many times but i was hopeless at European languages so i gave up. Even typing it now i had to like enlarge the font to see the spelling because it just doesn’t make any sense lol.




They also sell Girly Bears!



They have a teddy shop!




And a lot of One Piece attractions!!! If you like anime.



That’s Huis Ten Bosch for you!!!

I hope you all will visit it sometime if you have the chance <3

(I’m sending an invoice to Tourism Nagasaki now.)