I have always always wanted to watch hanabi (fireworks) in Japan because it is one of the best in the world!

But the dilemma is that they only have Hanabi in mid summer when it is super mega giga tera hot, which i really hate. But this year they had Hanabi as early is 2nd June omg!


With Hikky and Amy from Number76 who so coincidentally were also in Japan for holiday <3

Hikky was the one who told me about the Hanabi event at Kamakura (鎌倉)! I just feel so so so lucky that one by one my dreams come true all in Japan.  Thank you Hikky!

Everything i ever want to see/do/eat/buy all materialized each time i go to Japan. Thank you ALL the people who directly/indirectly, intentionally/accidentally help me with all these amazing experiences!!!


Amy is so cute in this picture! <3

I LOVE being around her because it was her first time in Japan, and every single thing she sees/tastes/touches she was so comically excited and moved, which really reminded me of all my first experiences too. And i’m so lucky i get to experience it like first time with her again. <3 Thank you Amy!


Went for Unagi Ju! One of the most expensive meals i had (i think like 3000 yen) but so worth it!!!



Went to the temple (forgot the name) at Kamakura and there was a wedding ceremony!


Normally i eat Ringo Ame or Ichigo Ame but this is Budou Ame!! (Grape candy)



Giant grape!!

I also had Janken Pineapple (didn’t take photo). Basically you pay 200 yen then play Scissors Paper Rock with the obasan seller. If you win you get two sticks of pineapple, if draw or lose you get one stick.

I WON lolol. The obasan looked slightly bitter lolol.

Went to Big Buddha statue too apparently you get to GO INSIDE the Buddha!!! Talk about a whole new level of zen-ness.



All sort of ice cream flavors.


At around 6pm we went to Zushi Beach!

There was a loooong line of people walking to the beach from the train station, and the shops around were all selling easy-to-go food like bento sets, dumplings, burgers and all sort of other snack for the fireworks picnic!

We just felt so so excited!

This is when we arrived the beach.

We heard that there were people there super early in the morning to “chup” a good seat at the beach.


Me taking a picture.

Was incredibly crowded and super uncomfortable with the sand and stuff as i forgot to wear my bi-san (beach sandal lolol).


But thank god Hikky’s bunch of friends have already chupped a nice seat for all of us.


And they made super amazing home-cook food!!! #inferior

My god why must all these Japanese girlfriends/wives spoil market fml T______T


Fruit cream sandwich


All Amy and i had to do was just help eat all the food T____T #guilty


Getting dark and fireworks were about to begin.

After that it was just half an hour of sighing and exclaiming in amazement lol.


Picture Amy took using her iPad. I think she took like hundreds and hundreds of Hanabi photos.

Here are some!



And the last collage i did:


Can you guess what they are??

Number 4 is Doraemon i think!!! And then No 5 is a failed smiley LOLOL.


That’s all for today’s post!

Anyway i also want to add that, after the firework was over, came the most mafan time—cleaning up. It was dark and sandy but guess how long it took everyone to clean EVERYTHING up??

5 minutes.

There were SO QUICK. And everybody, and i mean EVERY ONE on the beach efficiently just packed everything up and there wasn’t a single piece of junk on the beach.

Imagine if it is a Malaysian beach. Just imagine it.

These are all the little things i learned in Japan and wish everybody could apply it at their own country too.