So much about Tokyo until i dunno what title to put lol.

This is my most recent Tokyo trip in May/June!


One of the happiest things is going to Girls Award 2012 at Yoyogi!

This time as an audience and can really relax and enjoy slowly 😀

With Shiori and her girl circle friends.


FML most of them are like 10 years younger than me T______T







With Marina!! She looks soooo pretty now!


Also very happy because i finally get to see Katou Miliyah in real life!!!

She’s one of the performers and one of my favorite singers too <3

Also guess who i met up with!!


Ekieki from USA!


A lot of people are very surprised that we know each other. I mean, why not! We read each other’s blogs and we occasionally talk in Twitter too.

She came back to Japan to see her family and i happened to be in the same country so we didn’t want to miss such a great opportunity. And i feel that a lot of magical things happen in Japan too. <3



She is also very very small sized lol.



Shoe shopping


Also did my new nails (now not so new anymore lol)

Cute or not!!!



And then also went to Number76 in Tokyo!


And did their magic treatment. You know i always praise how good Number76‘s magic treatment is right when i go to the one in Mont Kiara?

Except this one is like 10X better WTF. After the treatment my hair was like silky smooth FOR 3 WEEKS. Maybe it’s the Japanese air or water la i dunno.




3-tone hair.


Very happy about it lol.


Ok that’s all! Update again!