One of the most potong stim things that can ever happen on a holiday, which frequently happen to me is period time.



(ok la to be fair i also travel like 3/4 of the times haha).

Frequent toilet visit is inconvenient and sometimes i was forced to wear the sanitary pad for a long period of  time :X (lolol pun!)

Which can be quite disastrous :X I’m not gonna elaborate :X

But it will dampen (hahaha pun again) the entire holiday mood and make you feel uncomfortable and unmotivated to do anything. Not to mention the funky odor you get after wearing the sanitary pad for a few hours. Worse still if there’s no toilet to go to while you’re traveling!!

If only period is less torturous and as easy as a breeze of fresh air.



New Libresse Pure Fresh Green Tea, as the name suggests, comes with green tea essence which helps to control menstrual odor for fresher feeling.

It also comes with aloe vera extract to promote healthy skin!

You can watch the cute TVC here!


Love the pastel color inner wrap!




With Libresse PureFresh Green Tea natural freshness and scent, you now not only can feel confident anytime anywhere, you also stand a chance to win awesome prizes such as a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a DKNY watch, RM1500 traveling vouchers and more, by playing a fun game!

Oh wait that’s not the best part. The best part is you CAN CHOOSE YOUR PRIZES.


Log on to

Click “Save The World” and begin your Odor Fighter mission!


In the game you are a sexy green tea leaf lol. Your misison is to catch as many odor monsters as possible in 5 different levels.

At first i was really clumsy on my laptop’s trackpad! I suggest you play with a mouse, it would be a lot swifter to catch the odor monsters!

After awhile i got quite good at jumping :P. Also i love how each level it becomes more challenging but the score also increase drastically!

When the game finishes, submit your particulars and Libresse PureFresh Green Tea receipt to register and be in the running to win prizes.

If you do not have your receipt with you, click ‘Save’ and come back later to complete your submission.


The contest runs for 4 weeks, and the participant with the highest score for the particular week will win the Grand Prize for the same week.

The subsequent 10 participants with the highest scores and have uploaded a Libresse PureFresh Green Tea Odor Control receipt within the stated receipt upload deadline will win the Consolation Prize.

Go try it out!!