Since we’re on the topic of dog food, i’m sharing some of the things that is supposed to be common sense but you will be surprised that a lot of people actually didn’t know about it!

My friend Terence texted me one day at midnight and asked if i know any 24 hours vet. I asked why, and then he told me that after playing with his dog he went to the balcony for a smoke, and when he came back the dog lies down on the floor not moving.

Apparently when Terence was not around he went and ate a whole pack of chocolate on the table and… died. Like within a few minutes. :X

So never ever leave chocolate bars around!!!

Other poisonous food for dogs are onions and garlic, macadamia nuts, large amount of liver.  (Source here) i’ve also heard that even some fruits are toxic for dogs, like grapes and raisins.

So if you decide to feed your pets human food to avoid them getting bored with their usual diet, i guess some variety or treats once awhile would be nice to keep them happy and healthy. But just be careful of things that are poisonous to your dogs.

So i guess as long as your pets look happy and are eating well then the diet should work for them. So here are some signs and symptoms that you should look out for that your dog might be sick.

1. Lethargy

Lethargy is one of the most common symptoms seen in sick dogs. A sick dog will be feeling ill, so will not show as much enthusiasm for daily activities. Lethargy is usually characterized as a general change in your dog’s activity level. For example, a lethargic dog will also display a loss of interest in food, will spend much more time sleeping, and not be as excited about any activity that involves physical exercise.

2. Diarrhea

If your dog has diarrhea, chances are that they are suffering from a health condition that is causing them gastrointestinal distress.

3.  Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by a number of health conditions, which aren’t always associated with the condition of your dog’s skin. Though some types of fungal infections on your dog’s skin can cause hair loss, this is usually present in patches. If your dog is experiencing generalized hair loss that is not localized to one area, this could be a symptom of a food allergy in your dog.


Luckily Cheddie doesn’t have any of those problems. She used to have skin allergies but it seems to have gotten better after cutting down chicken diet and mixing with more regular dry food from Pedigree.

Happy to see my Obasan Princess happy ^^