I just got back from Guangzhou China and I have never missed home so badly before until Audrey and i both decided to fuck it and paid RM900 each for a new flight just to come home two days earlier.

Now i am really really thankful to be staying in Malaysia!!! And go to Japan so often. And apparently Malaysia is also the most desired country for Japanese people, so I’m literally living in the best of both worlds lol.

Thank you life. Thank you thank you thank you.

It had been a relaxing week for me before my trip so most of the time i just stayed home and secretly leveled up my Secret & Magic Skill lol.

I have also invented this little game i play with myself (other than Triple Town. The other day i built a triple castle in 3 hours!!!) when i need to wait a long time or am bored. The game goes like this. I will flip through all my pictures on my iPhone, and then find something i am thankful about in each photo until i just feel very thankful in general lol.

So here’s a challenge! These are just some random pictures i haven’t blogged about during my Japan trip and i have just uploaded them here.

Let me be thankful to Japan first for setting world standard for humanity. I am forever grateful to you.


Wa what a good picture to start with! This is a view from my bathroom in Cerulean Hotel. I’m so thankful that i get to stay in the BEST hotel in Shibuya.



Overlooking the city. Thank you Shibuya and thank you 109 for all the fashion magic



Amy helped me braid my hair. I’m thankful to have such an awesome stylist who helps me even on holiday!!! At first many people say it’s quite nice until someone beh tahan and said that it actually looks like prawn HAHAHAHHA. Touche.



NALU my favorite cafe at Omotesando. I’m thankful for every single awesome and healthy meal i’ve ever had in Japan.



Venus Fort Outlet at Odaiba.

I’m so thankful to have a kareshi to drive us all the way there and patiently wait while we shopped.



I’m just so thankful for Shimizu Yuko (ok i googled) who designed Hello Kitty in 1974. She has no idea how she has changed the world by drawing a mouthless cat.



I’m thankful for Sanrio who made Hello Kitty so adorably successful. TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!



(Ok i guess i shouldn’t post so many similar pictures)

I’m thankful for Amy who… shared half my ice cream so i ate less calories lol.



I’m thankful for whoever created Gundam even though i have zero interest in it but when i posted this picture it made quite a lot of other people hapy!



Oh wow. This game has just leveled up lol.

I’m thankful for Thank You Ramen, which reminds me to be more thankful. #thankception



Amy actually shopped so much until she ran out of cash lol. Both of us were kinda in a panic because i also brought very limited cash. I’m thankful to have brought my Citibank Ready Credit with me and i could go to the ATM anytime and withdraw cash in ¥ ¥ ¥ and live like a local.



Amy receives her congratulations pie for being an official stylist now. I’m thankful to have shared all the happy moments with her!



(Oh shit)

I’m thankful for…. erm… Sadako?

I still remember there was a class in university about media influence, during my team mates’ presentation i crawled out in long hair as Sadako and scared everyone shitless lolol. My lecture hit me with her file LOLOL. But she gave me and my team a big A for the subject so i guess… i should thank Sadako wtf.



Thank you Tokyo for the best weather ever. Amy and i kept sighing in disbelief how lucky we were to have come the perfect time, it was a perfect 18-25 celcius every day.



I’m thankful to have gotten free eyelash extension from Release Eyelash Salon at Omotesando.




I’m thankful Amy and kareshi didn’t force me to go on the Euro Wheel if not i might have fainted wtf.



I’m thankful to have visited Tokyo Tower again!!!



And i’m thankful that we got in immediately there was no queue unlike the last time i went there i had to wait half an hour to go up -_-



I’m thankful that i’m still alive wtf.



Thank you for the people to built Tokyo Tower!!! It made so many J-drama extra romantic and was one of the reason how i discovered my love for Japan.



I’m thankful that i don’t actually look like that in real life.



The Magic Dungeon in Tokyo Tower. Actually all the attractions in Tokyo Tower are quite old-school and would be considered unimpressive now but i appreciate the nostalgic feel and find fun it them!



Amy waking up something like 630AM to do my hair. I can’t thank her enough.



At Kawaii International fliming (airing this Saturday!). I’m so thankful for Kishibe san (in the picture) who pioneered this program and made kawaii culture accesible in English to everyone in the world. And thank you for meeting me up and inviting me to the show.



I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to meet all these amazing people!!!



I’m thankful for the rain boots i got from EMODA. The very next day starts the rainy season in Japan lolol.



Thank you QiuQiu for being happy and nice as always!! And loving Japan so much!!! This love Japan thing is so contagious omg!



Tried this grape and black sugar thing at Hakone. Thank you thank you Hakone Shrine for always making me wishes come true.




Thank you for every single delicacies Japan has ever made. It’s like unlocking new taste buds and sensations on my tongue every time i try something new in Japan.



Thank you Asami chan who invited me to MURUA press room to have a preview of the latest AW items. Such honor!


Thank you Momoko for being so sweet and nice and a great inspiration. Thank you for lunch and thank you for even wanting to meet me up!!!


Thank you Asami who treats me as a friend



One day i was shopping solo at 109 and quite lonely and then i bumped into Asami just like that. She was like Chiijiii i was like Asamiiiii I don’t even know how coincidence works. So we must have missed each other. Thank you, law of attraction.



Thank you whoever invented Purikura and make it better and better and better.



Thank you Asami for spending some time to shop with me!!!



Thank you fate!!! Thank you everything!!!


Phew done.

I’m thankful to have completed this challenge.

My suggestion is do not play this game when you have a lot of camho photos. It probably works but… i’ll be thankful if you don’t ask me to read it. lol.


Having said that, thank you for reading!!!