Since i’m home resting my busted face and i sort of miss my unbusted face, here are lots and lots and lots of them.

This is my complete Tokyo coordinate diary this May/June. Almost 95% of the items are Japanese brands. This is how biased i am.

Since i am working with some Japanese fashion brands now i feel that i should be more hardworking and do my part!! And introduce Japanese fashion to everyone!!!! I am SO SO SO THANKFUL!

This time i will arrange the photo in frame order, namely from 4-frame (mostly focus on make-up and accessories) to 3-frame (full body coordinate) then 2-frame (half-body close up) then single picture (pure vanity self shots).

I won’t repeat the item brands twice.

Here goes!


Shoes from Bangkok for RM25.


iPhone case by MURUA , a present given by Momoko herself. *swoons*


Necklace from OneSpo


Color lens by RainbowColor in Storm Grey. I did edit the color of picture so it looks very blue.



Shades from F21 Harajuky for 300yen.


Color lens by Rainbow Color in Earth Brown. Super light make up day.



Did a little mint eyeshadow highlight under the eyelids, it makes the whole look fresher and more summery!



Still my favorite iPhone sticker i got for free during Tokyo Girls Collection



Color lens again in Earth Brown


Color lens by RainbowColor in Wood Ash.



In Storm Grey



Tattoo Leggings from MURUA and wedges from Ragazza for 2900 yen.



Dress by MURUA


Printed shirt dress from EMODA. Fav piece!!

Also did you realize i have 3-tone hair?? The stylist knows that if he mentions ombre again i was gonna throw up so he gave me something different.

It’s like a reverse-ombre. lolol. I LOVE NUMBER76!!!! They really can deliver the latest trend yet different from everyone else <333


Denim outer from EMODA and my fav citrus fruit dress from Harajuku!


Waist bag from Lagunamoon


Whole outfit from EMODA


Old Glory top inside from WC!!

I miss WC since Usotsuki Chinatsu went pregnant WC has become really quite meh :(((

So you know how important the producer behind a brand is!!!!


Mermaid Dress from



Hair band and top from MURUA



Entire outfit from EMODA! And i mean EVERYTHING! lol will blog about how crazy much i shopped there.


Also all from EMODA.


Again everything from EMODA. All new shopping!


Including hair band!!



Did wavy hair for Girls Award!


Rare red lips for a change


And rare purple lips. Floral dress from H&M for like 1120 yen.



Denim bustier from ShakeShake.



Current iPhone case!!























Ok that’s all!!


So many different coordinate, please tell me which is your favorite, and also please share with me what kind of brands/style you like!! ^^