Sorry i haven’t been updating as often but i’m finally back from Japan!!!

If you follow me on Twitter or FB or Instagram you have known that my Japan trip was practically like a dream. I met both my biggest fashion idols Ogihara Momoko and Matsumoto Ena. We are all on nick name basis now WTF. i have also been on international TV and attended one of the biggest fashion shows in Tokyo. Will update on that later.

And then the first night i came back home to Malaysia this happened.

No i wasn’t robbed or trying to rob a bank.

What happened was, i was walking on the road and then i received a text message from Ogihara Momoko and i was too excited to reply her and i just tripped and fell face flat on the tarmac WTF.

So i blame Momoko. Or Malaysian road.

At first i felt so numb i didn’t even know how to react. And then pain slowly seeps in and i started sobbing. I think i cried for one whole hour half out of pain and half because i have never seen my face so fucked up before lol. Feel like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky.

And then the next thing i did on reflex was to take a self shot HAHAHHAHA

God i love myself.


Been to the hospital, cleared the wound and was given an anti-infection jab. My elbows and knees are also slightly hurt so now i look and WALK like a zombie wtf. And also mumble like a zombie because lip busted WTF.

But on the bright side, i also received lots of love from the kareshi so it’s ok la. He even cooked for me this morning wtf.

He said that it’s my little price to pay for being so lucky. So i must appreciate what i have especially my health too.

Wa. OKOKOKOKOK. I pay i pay. Please give me more lucky thanks. lol

So the moral of this story is, when you receive a text message from your idol, please don’t read while walking. Especially on Malaysian tarmac.

Now i’m still in pain but i’m very grateful la all of you so sweet send me so much care and love T__T. So other than my zombie face my life is still pretty damn awesome.


That’s all!!!







On an unrelated note.

I posted an entry on Cheddie awhile earlier about introducing her slowly to Pedigree diet, and i received a lot of queries and concerns about the pet food quality and her general health. Thank you all so much for caring about her.

To be honest with you guys I had my doubts after reading all your comments. But after some researches and also clarifications from Pedigree, I have decided to continue this diet for Cheddie.

I’ve found out from my research that dietary requirements between human and dogs are different. Diets that are suitable for human rarely deliver enough nutrients for dogs without excessive overfeeding, while dog food has a complete and balanced diet for dogs.

Anyway i went back home to see her straight from the airport yesterday to see my mom and her, and she was sooo cheerful and it makes me very happy! Plus she enjoys chewing on Dentastix and will really do any tricks for it lol! Ok that’s all for now! Will continue to keep you guys updated on her progress as we go on with this program.