I can’t believe it took SO LONG but I’ve FINALLY found the camera that every single vain girl blogger
ever dreamt of.




Delivers professional DSLR quality images in a compact form, self-shot camera with interchangeable
lenses, AND the super useful flip-up LCD screen so you can see how you look in the frame before you snap!

AWESOME, seriously.

I mean, how hard is it to really cater for us who need to take self-shots 90% of the time??? Now my only wish is for iPhone to come up with non-shitty front camera because it’s equally as important as back camera.


You know how high quality cameras are always super heavy and us small sized girls can’t even hold it with one hand let alone have an arm long enough to turn it over to take a self shot???

No need liao.

Dream come true.


Seriously how awesome is this???

Ever since i gave up on my last semi-pro camera i have been forever using my iPhone for photos. I don’t even remember how taking super quality pictures feel like.

Thank you Sony.emo1emo1emo1


And i love the fact that it is flip-up instead of side-flip because it makes much better angle!!!


Ok!! End of iPhone taken photos. The following photos are all taken by the new Sony NEX-F3!

No photoshop except cropping!


Under natural light


Look how clear and sharp it is!!



Under ring light.



Here are some other photo effects that you can play with!





Partial green




Partial Red




This is one of my favorite –Soft High Key!

It makes the picture super soft and dreamy, yet not blurry unlike many soft filter on other cameras.





Another one!

Also it comes with a built-in flash that allows you to take awesome pictures under whatever lighting!
The best thing is you can use it with any of the above filter <3





Flash with Toy Camera effect


Flash with Retro effect


Also you know what i love the most about this camera?

This baby comes with every single essential feature but simplicity is kept, with minimal buttons! And in the menu there’s no confusing crap like shutter speed, aperture and the + – stuff.

I did learn those stuff too during Photography Class in college so i know what they are, but i mean who cares?!?!

In the menu, you can adjust the brightness, vividness, background focus all with one button and it’s all in simple to understand layman terms!!! Now everyone can take professional photos!

This is truly a new generation of awesome compact interchangeable lens cameras. I love it so much and all of you who want great pictures should totally get it!

Check out Sony NEX-F3’s website!


PS. For those of you who want to get it, why not try to win it!! All you have to do is go to selected Sony stores over the weekend, take pictures of yourself or with your friends and upload it!


Details of The Ultimate F3 Photographer contest here!