The first ever time i actually heard about Slim Walk was during Kawaii Of The World contest.

Every single day we had to wear high heels for more than 10 hours for filming (of course by choice, no one forced us to, we just wanted to look good on camera lol)

By the end of the day, our legs didn’t felt like they belonged to us anymore.


Amandine and i doing leg exercise.


And then came the biggest nightmare—cat walk practice the day before Tokyo Girls Collection.

Fumi sensei was incredibly strict. We had to walk 5 hours in a row. On high heels. Shiori and i were soooo worried that after the excessive training, our legs would really break or not function anymore, that we can’t even walk on the actually TGC day.

And then after the class, she asked to drop by the nearest drug store to buy a special pair of socks that is supposed to help tired legs.

She told me that it is really really good and it is supposed to help slim your legs too.

I was like wtf? Socks? Slim legs? How?!?! I was full of doubt but i was very kiasu so bought one pair as well lol.

And that was how i got to know Slim Walk.

Although there are many types and brands, Slim Walk is the No.1 best selling beauty/slimming socks.

It is selling everywhere in Japan!! Simply walk into a random drugstore and it will be placed at one of the most obvious display.

There are waaay to many types and it could be very confusing especially if you don’t read Japanese.



These are the 4 boxes i got for myself.


From top left, clock wise: Skin color pantyhose, night socks, black leggings and black diamond pantyhose.

But the absolute number one best seller is this one– Good night socks, which was also the one Shiori and i bought.


It’s in pink!!! How can you not LOVE Japense products!

So how exactly does it work??

Slim Walk uses a special compression design on certain part of your legs so when you wear it, it helps tone the legs by increasing blood circulation and reducing water retention.

After wearing it for a whole night, you wake up with light and refreshed beautiful legs on the next morning.

I tried it for one night here in Malaysia. At first i feel a little not used to it as most Malaysians don’t have the habit of wearing socks at home.

But i slept with it and it didn’t feel stuffy and hot at all!! Quite the opposite i really love how comfy it feels on my legs and until morning i was a little reluctant to take it off lol!

I love it! My leg really did feel lighter, but for slimming effect maybe it will take a little more time i guess. Plus my legs already slim until cannot slim anymore lol.

I strongly recommend this to pregnant women as water retention is a huge issue, and also people who travel a lot! Wear it after a long day shopping or on the air plane!



Next up it is the skin color pantyhose.

It pretty much just look like any other normal skin color leggings, except that it comes with beauty legs lifting function.

One thing i love about Slim Walk is that it is not only comfy and comes with beauty benefits, it’s also super easy to match with daily fashion!

Works for dresses and short skirts!


And then the black leggings!

This piece is open toe, so you can wear it with any shoes and sandal. It’s most suitable for short denim or one-piece.


The last one is the diamond black tights.


My coordinate. You can wear it formal to work, or casual for a day out, or even to a party!

Basically i will recommend it to anyone who stand/sit long hours, and wear it during your work/casual day out or even party.

In Japan it is so popular it’s almost featured in every single magazine. And i’m so happy that it has come to Malaysia now!

Basically i’m just super happy to see more and more useful Japanese products here in Malaysia <3

You can purchase it at Shins outlet & selected pharmacy at Bangsar, D’sara, TTDI, Sunway & Putrajaya


Also check out:

 Slim Walk Online Store Malaysia

Slim Walk Online Store Indonesia


If you ask me to choose between big boobs/super flat tummy/a pair of gorgeous legs, i’d definitely choose the last, you know why?

Ok this is another secret of mine but i share with you la. So the kareshi told me that it was love at first sight for him wtf. And then when i asked him what did he like about me when he first saw me, he said, i looked at this new girl who walked in and the only thing i thought was “omg her legs are sooooo slim” lolol. That time i was wearing a pair of super short shorts. And then i asked if he would still like me if my legs were fat. And then he answered, “hmmm, maybe not”. Erm. That’s how my legs saved my relationship lol.

So in conclusion, legs are very important. And i’m making extra effort to make them stay beautiful.

Good luck to healthy and slim legs!!!






Taken this morning!! No photoshop!!

Now everyone wants to know my height lol.

Tricks: Mirror angle.