A while ago Audrey and i went to Mid Valley for KOSÉ Save The Blue event.

(Wore blue and coral necklace to fit the theme 😛 )


I was very curious what this  KOSÉ Save The Blue project is about!

As the beautiful backdrop suggests,  KOSÉ Save The Blue project is actually an initiative by  KOSÉ to protect the world’s fast depleting coral reefs.

Mr. Julian from the NGO of this project, which is Reef Check Malaysia explained to us about the project.


The VIP of the day was  KOSÉ’s Malaysian ambassador, Amy Mastura.

She shared with us her 5 days experience when  KOSÉ sent her and family to Okinawa (!!!! jealous!!!) to study about the coral reef of the Japanese island.

She told us that she was very impressed at how carefully the corals were planted and protected over in Okinawa, where  KOSÉ Save The Blue project first started. And now it is expanding to Malaysia!

When i heard about Okinawa i suddenly got very excited *big shiny eyes*

Because i have also been there!!!

It was in April and i didn’t have a chance to get out in the sea because it was still too cold. But i have seen their oceans and it was indeed one of the most beautiful oceans ever.


This picture was taken at one of the small island in Okinawa.

The picture doesn’t even do it justice. The sea was a deep rich hue of blue, emerald and turqoise i was SO amazed i walked all the way to the middle of the bridge to have a clear look.

And you can’t deny that the fact that the sea is so much more beautiful because of the preservation effort the Japanese people have put in to keep their country pollution free.

And i really wish that Malaysia can do the same, because we too have oceans and corals that are as beautiful if not more!! 😀


So back to the project!

Now  KOSÉ has a Save the Blue Limited Edition Sekkisei products, and for every purchase of Save the Blue version,  KOSÉ will donate part of the proceeds to the research, education and conservation efforts of Malaysia’s coral reefs!

Many, many, many friends around me are ardent divers, so i hope you guys can also influence your other friends to help protect the beautiful oceans we have, because one of the biggest reasons foreigners love Malaysia is because of our nature (since other aspects of this country are sometimes rather infamous).


KOSÉ Sekkisei range.


Also during the roadshow, we got a complimentary caricature by artist Triton Lim!


That’s him sketching me

HAHA don’t i look like a disney princess???


That’s Princess Cheesie and Princess Aud!


Now i feel like a mermaid.

What i got for myself: KOSÉ Sekkisei Sun Protector SPF50 (left) and  KOSÉ Save the Blue Limited Edition Sekkisei Lotion (right).


Will do a video review on the lotion!!


Anyway if you are bored and want FREE  KOSÉ  products, why don’t you play a game?

Out of sooooooooooo many Facebook games i have promoted, this is probably one of the better ones because it’s not just about whoring friends to vote for you. -_-

The game is actually very educational if you care to know more about the oceans (divers anyone??) . AND, everybody gets to win something!!! :

First of all you will have to answer a questionnaire and find ut what kind of fish (!!) are you.

I am a box fish wtf. =)

And i am apparently POISOUNOUS. =)

Not only that, i secrete a harmful toxin when stressed. T____T. So guys please don’t keep asking me annoying questions, i am apparently very scary T__T. Summore i will release toxin when dead T___T. Indeed die also 冤魂不散 wtf.

But that part about loving shrimp, fish meat, clams and crab meat is very true ah!! =)


Anyway you can decorate your aquariums with different items!

When you collect 50 points and above, you can start redeeming gifts!!!

Sounds quite sweet! No need to compete with other people to win prizes! Instead of buying useless iPhone apps i should play this and have better skin instead -____-. Who wants to exchange gifts with me!!! 😀

Join the game now!


Anyway lastly i attach a video of the summary and a simple product review.

More info at


Website:    http://www.kose.com.my/