Cleared all Japan posts with this as the last one!

I will be going to Tokyo end of August again for two weeks. 🙂



Unagi rice bowl!



Asari Mentaiko pasta!



Look at the huge dollop of mentaiko on my pasta!!! =)



My Mc D’s better than yours.

It comes with a crispy piece of (pork) bacon emo5

Anyway this is probably the oiliest thing i’ve eaten in Japan wtf. True story.



Went to Ameyoko and saw these incredibly cheap seafood rice bowl!! So much awesome fresh seafood for only RM20 each!!!


And then the kareshi suggested going for donuts and i was like NOOOO i hate donuts they are EVIL!! And he was all you have no idea what you are talking about.

No, really. The mere smell of a donut makes me retch, and i cannot understand why anyone would like to eat a deep fried sugar-laden piece of carb junk. But he insisted buying Mister Donut for me.


Fine. I had no idea what i was talking about.

Japan has a whole new definition for the word donut. It is BAKED wtf. It doesn’t taste like you are biting into solid oil and the texture is crumbly and taste more like a cake/scone.

I was impressed. Very impressed indeed.


Bunny and Bear cookie from 76cafe Omotesando.



Duffy Catcher!!





My first ever baseball game date. So Japanese lolol.

The whole time i was just like ok wtf is going on now why are they running and which side is this again -___-.



Went home and watched self on TV omg shy.



So happened the “All About Cheesie” episode was on air.


It says at the corner “Touching climax! Cheesie VS Kumakura (Shiori)”.





And then the kareshi brought me to the top Yakitori shop in Shinjuku!

Beef steak in spring onion! So good it tastes like angel meat wtf.



Chicken heart, chicken gizzard , soft bone and stuff!

I’ not a big fan of innards but some of these are delicioussssss!


More yakitori sticks!



This is cow liver! Raw!

Yea i know right! I sorta had one piece, and honestly i could understand why the Japanese looove this delicacy just as how some people, including me love foie gras. But i still cannot get over the fact that it’s a raw internal organ so i stopped after one piece.



A super slimy dish! With okra and raw egg.



Tamago kake gohan!!! My favorite again!

It’s so weird that i can accept raw eggs in Japan because they are always super orangy and looks very delicious. And after mixing with rice/other food it doesn’t have that slimy gross feeling anymore.

But i absolutely cannot eat the normal raw eggs in Malaysia, not even soft boil because it’s light yellow and very watery  T__T


Another Yakitori shop!

Picture doesn’t look as nice as it tastes.


This has be one of the weirdest things i’ve eaten, apart from raw squid eye.

It is chicken tataki, means it is half-cooked and raw inside. Actually there’s also chicken sashimi, absolutely raw chicken meat.


When i posted this on instagram 99% of the responses said that it is super gross and some say i will die after eating this. Then other say worms will grow in my stomach etc.

I do admit that i was slightly grossed out by the idea of eating raw chicken, i refused to have it in the beginning, but i ate it in the end. i have absolutely no doubt in the standard of safety and hygiene of Japanese food and have zero bad experience in eating raw food in Japan, and apparently only a special type of chicken is used for chicken sashimi that is salmonella-free.

A lot of people also commented that it was cruel for eating a squid live (or when i ate a fish that was served alive, the tail was still wiggling) , or it is super gross that Japanese people eat innards, sometimes raw.

But from a cultural point of view, i respect whatever they serve. Live fish is served to show the high quality of freshness, and most of the time we eat the whole animal, including its intestines, heart and even its fucking eyes, because it’s a Japanese culture not to waste food. We eat whatever we can. And it’s quite admirable how they manage to make things that is seemingly inedible actually quite delicious.


Egg soup at the end! <3



And that concludes my Eat, Play, Love journey in Japan earlier this year.


When i went to Narita airport before boarding my flight back to Malaysia, i saw this signboard.

It’s an ad by tourism Malaysia that says “We welcome you to Malaysia!”

And then on the left there’s a badge that says, “Most desirable country to live in (for Japanese people)—No. 1 in the world, 5 years in a row

I had a lot of mixed feelings when i saw this.

At first i was in disbelief and thought, “sure anot, sure bluff wan, simply waste our tax money!”. And then i specifically remembered seeing the stats somewhere some time ago and internally confirmed that it is true, i felt surprised and sighed to myself, “what a strange, strange world we live in”.

Short after i felt slightly ashamed and thought surely there are more good sides to Malaysia that i didn’t realize, and maybe it’s time i discover them and start appreciating my own country.

Then now i remember all the recent rampant attacks on women and the general concern about safety in my own city, i am all disappointed again. I mean, ask anyone how i feel about not being able to feel safe around my own house, and constantly having to be alert and expect something bad will happen to you. That’s quite a life to enjoy isn’t it?

It’s all very complicated.

What do you think?