Quick post!!!

I’m here at SG again and staying with QiuQiu these two days!

The moment i opened her door i was greeted by this.


This is Drago!!!


It makes me miss Koyuki so damn much. When i posted this picture someone thought i found her back :(((

I am actually trying to use The Secret to find her back but didn’t work yet 🙁

Nevermind i still have Cheddie!

This is Obasan Princess’s favorite toy! The toy itself is bigger than her lol.

Cheddie might be 5 years old and practically a middle age woman now but a lot of people still ask “how many months is your puppy?” when they meet her for the first time!

She was the smallest out of the litter and i picked her over other stronger puppies, which is what normal dog expert advised against. But puppy choosing is all about feelings and connection isn’t it? I’m glad she turned out all healthy and cheerful and i am feeling SO MUCH love from her <3

As an adult she weighs about 2.5KG, super light right!! She’s not even a miniature! And she really doesn’t like eating in general -_- so we are always worried about her losing weight. (i think she’s just like her mommy lol)

It’s a good sign that she eats well now with Pedigree and we make sure to keep her active and and at optimal weight. ^^


Anyway since this post is short i will throw in some useless fashion pix la!

Today’s coordinate! Safari theme hehe

I called this unicorn hair and then Xiaxue said it looks more like cone head LOLOL

Cheesie Cone


A rare girly coordinate!


Hairstyle by Dejima san from NUMBER76



Ok that’s all!!! Wanna gossip with QiuQiu and Xiaxue and do Secret training lolol. Update soon! Bye!