(This post was written when i was in Japan a month ago)

My blog may ask well be a Japan fan site.

Since i practically live here half the time now lol.But i notice every time i blog from Japan i’m more pensive than usual, maybe because staying there really made me think and changed me a lot. In many good ways.

As i learn more, i discovered more and more depressing social and economy issues here in Japan. One of the biggest problems is the rapidly increasing senior population because Japanese people are nearly immortal wtf. In the future there will be so many old people that there will be not enough people taking care of them. Whenever i see old people like 70 years old still driving taxi, or working as security guard out in the cold my heart froze in sadness.

Another thing is the extremely high income tax, so working here in Japan means half your life you are working for the country contributing to the abovementioned old folks. And deflation, and the decreasing salary, along with many many other problems.

In the past one week, i experienced two minor earthquakes, one left me crying in the house because i was alone and scared.

The kareshi asked me yesterday, do you still think that living in Japan is such a good idea after all?

I briefly consulted my heart. And then i heard my heart say yes.

Why? It cannot be any simpler. Because i am happy.

Despite all these things, i still come back here and stay here, loving it with all my heart. Because here i learn how to live life. Just shortly before this i was all whatever screw all world problems i’m gonna die soon anyway eaten by zombie or combust into dust by UFO beams.

Going to Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Hypocenter made my heart implode with an innate urge for freedom and life.

Not only i want to live long i also want to live healthy and great. I want to have healthy children and see them grow up healthily.

The other day i was just having a random half-joking family-planning talk with the kareshi. And then we were talking about how many kids we want. Below is our negotiation.

(my messages in green)

(Okama means shemale HAHAHAH)

So in the end we settled for 3 kids (one girl one boy and one unknown yet) and two dogs lolol.


Talking is fun and full of hope and dreams but we also have a hard time discussing where to live, work and start a family in the future.

But such is life, we can only make the best out of now, and live great.

Why live great? Because a longer, healthier life means a longer relationship with the ones you love.

(Not i say one. Great Eastern Life say one lol)

So if you want to live better, Live Great program has many to offer. It is a loyalty programme that rewards you with exclusive health and wellness privileges, available at hundreds of locations across the region.

Here are some of my tips:

Stop and smell the roses (for real)

go to the beach (even just watching other people surf)


And eat healthily.



Remember the 21 Days Healthy Food post i did??

I used the 21 Days Mobile app from the Live Great programme to keep track of my progress, and I can tell you it really works. After 3 weeks of making a conscious effort to eat healthily in Japan, i swear that i can never eat Malaysian food the same way ever again.

Keeping in mind that your body deserves so much more, and trying to change your lifestyle even down to the smallest step like choosing the kind of food you eat can go a long way.

The other day went to a Char Siew Hakka Mee restaurant for lunch alone…

All i thought was


Dafug did i just ordered?!

It is yummy for sure, but i really just couldn’t savor it without feeling horribly guilty. Before, I wouldn’t even think twice!

You can do the same and utilize the 21-days mobile app to help you beat a bad habit! Once you actually put down your day to day progress, you will see results.

In fact, there are also many other health and wellness information and tips on the Live Great website that I found useful.

Remember how i keep saying i lost weight in Japan???

Well admittedly I have been snacking in Japan as well but magically didn’t gain weight. Because knowing the calorie of food you consume is super helpful to dieting.

And almost all snacks sold in combini comes with a calorie chart.

I can eat two packs of snacks and only consume 63 calories in total WTF. That’s like 5 McDonald’s fries or something.


So how do you know exactly how much calorie you need a day???  I have been using the Daily calorie Needs Calculator by Live Great!

(That’s not me hahaha my bio is a secret #pretendmysterious)   They also have a liquid calorie calculator so even if your beverages in Malaysia doesn’t come with kcal label you still can roughly have an idea how much you are consuming.



Grapefruit juice is my daily must-have  in Japan.

Go try it here!

For more info on other tools and benefits from Live Great, go to livegreat.greateasternlife.com and their FB page.