So i guess i did… amsterdammed.



From my Europe trip last October!





That’s Elisa my Dutch reader who wanted to meet me up and bring me around her city!

Many of my European readers are so awesome! I’m so so so thankful to have you all supporting from all over the world, i feel like i have really made so much friends from just this blog and i feel like one day i can really go around and see the whole world!!



For some reason this picture turned out so damn creepy, upper half of Elisa complete cheesappeared :X



Here, a clearer one!!




Wa even i think i look so much different just 10 months ago! My teeth was not as straight and hair was still permed and chubbier (i know you all confirm will say you prefer the “healthier looking” me, but it’s not i intentionally want to lose weight leh), fashion make up all completely different wtf. I also gave myself a shock.



Cheese and bacon pancake T_T





At a florist!


I kinda missed the colorful side of Europe! Japan could be kinda monotone sometimes, (MODE wtf), and i LOVE how colorful Amsterdam is!!! Makes me so happy!








Christmas specialty shop! I wonder what’s their business like first half of the year O.o




See what i say about colorful?


I random shot of wall graffiti also artsy.








Colorful fruit juice!!

I know Ramadan also got colorful drinks but these are… 100% real fruit juice!!! And healthy!