So if you have read Aud’s post you would have known that we are having a fashion site (only Facebook for now) to sell some fashion items!

As she has mentioned, the whole reason and drive for us to start this “project” (it’s more of an experiment really) is because we get asked almost every single day where to get what we wear. And most of the time we get our items from overseas especially Japan so it is quite pointless and disappointing even if we tell you where to get it cuz you probably have to buy a plane ticket wtf.

And then we also get emails from readers to sell this or that item to her. So it struck us that why not every time we buy something we like we could get a few more pieces and sell it? (obviously marked up the price a bit la if not why are we doing this wtf).

Hence this Cheesie&Aud fashion project. Our goal is to encourage more people to dress up!! And coordinating could be hard sometimes so our concept is also to coordinate an entire outfit—a complete look! And also how you can mix and match with different items from our collection ^^

And basically they style of this fashion project is…. Cheesie&Aud wtf. We only sell whatever we like to wear, and we hope that it suits your taste too <3

I’m sorry that this is not a proper online boutique style with expensive models and studio shots, and from the look of it it’s helluva amateur, but like we said we’re just testing out and experimenting, so please be patient with us!

On a side note, we also have another exciting project coming up, and it is to be announced when it is finalized! 😀


Here are some pictures of the fashion item!!





Entire outfit for sale



A different coordinate




White top and denim for sale



Bustier and denim for sale



Skull dress on Aud




Skull dress on me





One piece



Neon skirt



Lastly my fav coordinate





Also spike bangle and spike hairband


About the sizing!

Aud is obviously fourfeetnine and about 38KG, UK size 4-6. I am…

Well since i am sort of the “model” for the site, and a lot of people have asked… and i guess it is fnally the time to reveal my height wtf.

Not many people know this and it’s a bit embarrassing for me to admit this but i had a height complex since young because my relatives always compared my tall cousins with me and forced us to stand against the wall and draw a line with pencil to see who is taller WTF

Then after that i also joined a lot of stupid beauty contests that focuses mainly on height, which made me the clear loser and spectacularly paranoid about how tall i am. T__T. I have… also sort of vaguely lied about my height, including in my passport and i apologize profusely for that. Sorry, immigration. Now i have to lie about a knee reduction.

So all these while i avoided mentioning if i could la, plus it is quite fun to torture the curious cats HAHAHA.

But now that i finally found my niche and no longer long (weak pun wtf) to be a model like 10 years ago, height really doesn’t matter anymore!! Short people FTW!! *high5 fourfeetnine and Xiaxue HAHHAHA

So my real height is…

jeng jeng jeng!



(Sometimes also arguably 158.5 hahahaha half cm also quite good la.)

It was always my painful dream to push pass that 160cm threshold. T____T But i guess it is a dream that will never realize T___T

It is also the height of Ena Matsumoto and Mori Maya and and other awesome Japanese fashion icons. So that makes it a lot better somehow. It is not that short la just that when people see me in real life they are all like OMG you are so tiny ( i appreciate you all trying to be politically correct T_T) and my picture always look like i am 170 so i understand that if you do feel a bit cheated.

Well now you know not to trust anything on the internet hahahah. But it’s not that hard to guess also la from picture i’m not that much taller than Aud and i’m waaay shorter than Qiu!

Wa severely off topic. Anyway! So my height as your reference. And i am about 40KG as of now. I am UK6-8.


Go browse more item on Foruchizu’s facebook page and order through the shopping cart and fill in your email address.

You can also email your order to

Aud will only come back on the 28th Aug and i will be leaving to Japan for two weeks on the 27th Aug so it might take some time before you finally receive your items T___T

We accept bank transfer and Paypal for now. By the way you can also online transfer to us if you have a Citibank Ready Credit card.

Please forgive us for responding slow T__T

But on the bright side we also ship overseas! So we will be waiting for your email! And also please drop us a comment if you have any feedback/suggestions.