This is my 4th time in Bali and i have pretty much seen and done most things so this trip is made specifically to chill our assess off.


view from our villa


Pool side

Horse riding just at the beach of our villa

Sunset at the villa restaurant

We were browsing all the travel booklet for what to do in Bali and i saw a spa pamphlet with all these pictures:

It’s nice but…

But why do they NEVER EVER put a frangipani behind my ear during massage?

Cheat One 🙁


The kareshi wanted to go for surfing during his summer holiday that’s the main reason why we came here.


Watching the kareshi surf, accompanied by a random dog.

And while he surfs, i also … surf … the internet wtf.


Went for a pork feast!

There was grilled pork, pork curry, soy sauce pork, pork bone soup, and pork blood sauce.

Crispy grilled pork


Also had the best Bakso i’ve ever had!!



Ok off to continue chilling the ass off.

Update again! Bai!